Watch The Fall Of Mizimu Grove

Season 2 Episode 28
The Fall Of Mizimu Grove

Timon and Pumbaa put on a show in Mizimu Grove.


Troy Rogue Lion • 10 months ago

Wow Kion's voice is getting older and for sure so is Max Charles but this was still a great episode that I really enjoyed this was another good favorite episode of The Lion Guard.

KionAndTiifu Forever • 10 months ago

Did Kion reach puberty?
his voice sounded different to me in this one

Mlppokemonlover • 10 months ago

I think his voice actor hit puberty, in fact it wouldn't surprise me if they replaced Kion's original voice actor for that.

agron989 • 10 months ago

i agree with you on that one

agron989 • 10 months ago

oh man talk about an awesome episode with Scar and Simba talking for the time in years. And the ending with Fuli singing that song was both amazing perfect and really touching for a perfect ending and to a great episode like this.

I love kions voice bc he sounds a bit more convincing when he says things now i will miss his old voice tho

Malena Santillán • 10 months ago

Excellent episode, although to give it more intensity would have made at least one herd decided to leave

Liam Evans • 10 months ago

I've Been Looking Forward To Seeing This in English

Samuel • 9 months ago

Dang all of the pride landers know scar is back so its going to be a problem when scar takes over the whole pride lands

agron989 • 1 month ago

you are right about that

Ben Caldwell • 10 months ago

I saw the episode it is good.

Ben Caldwell • 10 months ago

I'm watch the episode right now.

For the pride lands! So much exciting!

JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago

21:57 Also please tell me those are not all of the Pride Land's animals right there.

Monty1701 • 9 months ago

No, those aren't all the animals of the pride lands. Remember that there are some prides in the kingdom and some of them are who are present in the ceremonys. For example Twiga and the giraffes, Thurston and the zebras...

Monty1701 • 9 months ago

But also there are another prides like Muhimu and her zebras... For example

JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago

7:30... Is that the smartest and most menacing thing he's ever said?

JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago

Wait... So is Mizimu Grove still theirs? Then why is it called The Fall of Mizimu Grove??

Adé Ben-Sal • 9 months ago

Because it's destroyed.

JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago


JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago

Kion's voice is definitely older but it's quite good because people can actually start taking him more seriously. He doesn't sound like a little kid trying to talk big anymore.

Joshk • 10 months ago

Fuli must really like Kion. Just look at the scene at 03:13 :)

Monty1701 • 10 months ago

And just look this image. Truly they are so cute.

Pim Jenkins • 9 months ago

Bunga's face though.

Joshua Crawford • 5 months ago

And it's possible that cheetahs and lions can produce offspring

agron989 • 1 month ago

it's too bad Makuu and he's float wan't on this one when Scar appeared whoo that would've been something

KyubbiGirl29 • 3 months ago

Fuli has an amazing voice

Nellen Nellen • 3 months ago

how do i watch with swedish? thx for doing the website i really love The Lion Guard <3 :D

RRuben2006 • 5 months ago

I think kion just hit puberty

FuliTheCheetah • 7 months ago

Also the lion guard is pretty much doing everything important in the pride lands. For example, they are UN peacekeepers and firemen and drill instructors (episode 26) and the military and diplomatic envoys and cops and paramedics and reconnisance drone pilots (well, ono is) and a disaster response team, to name just a few of their roles.

FuliTheCheetah • 7 months ago

Man, fuli has such a great singing voice! Also I think scar's logical next target should be"mbali fields" since it is now the zebras and antelopes grazing ground since episode 12 season 1. What do you guys think?

Ruchika De Alwis • 8 months ago


Simba Jones • 1 week ago

Yeah we did. But don't worry, I wasn't scared. I'm not scared of anything.

Addison Tayype • 9 months ago

they lost a piece of the pride lands im sad the lion guard did not see it coming by

JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago

It would have been better if Kion would not have been able to roar and save the grove. Maybe he couldn't because the trees were there or something.

Raxtus • 9 months ago

Simbas voice is a little wierd as for nala fuli and kiara so beutiful

Raxtus • 9 months ago

Love it i couldnt think of a better way to end the second season the pride lands are awesome exp under pride rock

I definitely realized something was wrong with Kion's voice, but Fuli's voice at the end was so beautiful!

at 16:42 simba looks likes he did in the lion king

Kion • 9 months ago

If you had been in pride land and seen kion, you would try to pat the kion? And will kion attack

alainsane • 9 months ago

At least have the Kion grow a little bit to match his voice change. This isn't a troupe of Owen Meanies--except Ono. ;)

Linn Fre • 9 months ago

will any more sections be released? would like to see the continuation of this series with more sections

Joshua Crawford • 5 months ago

season 3 is august 3rd

Kionoo1 • 9 months ago

Hi i love the lion guard I'm 12 and I'm the only one in my school who loves it but Idc athe least I have something that makes me happy also I hope they don't replace max Charles with anyone else because he is such a good actor for kion I would cry if they replaced him

Anubhaba pradhan • 9 months ago

The season is ending

I hope to see another season of the lion guard

Till then hakuna matata

Is it just me or does it seem like simba loves kiara more then kion bc im re watching the series and i watched the 4th episode and kiara was going to be temporary queen and it seemed like he loved her more than kion to me

JhorseyPuma • 9 months ago

Obviously she is his first cub... He might love her a little teensy bit better because of that.

But still he shoukd at least love them equally

Samuel • 9 months ago

I hate scar

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