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Season 2 Episode 27
The Queen's Visit

Dhahabu wants Fuli, Tiifu and Zuri as her guards.


Seth McDonell • 4 months ago

This is one of the best episodes on The Lion Guard ever.

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

I wish they make a season 3 and 4 I never want it to end.

Seth McDonell • 4 months ago

Do you think Scar will be defeated in seasons 3 and 4?

SeikoVirg • 4 months ago

the show was renewed for a season 3 a while ago (followed up with a new character+casting info), and we still don't even know how many more Season 2 episodes there will be.
So, we still got a while before this comes to any end luckily.

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 4 months ago

Wow this episode was great! Dhahabu as a queen that was pretty awesome to see I really loved this episode it was quite funny for me at the time when Dhahabu said my little mungoose. Bunga said that's me and Fuli's face really made me laugh at 06:16 that was pretty funny. and that part Bunga says it's pretty hot around here. well yeah especally since you just put out a fire and Ono said you just noticed XD. and Fuli and Baboons never mix well together XD that part around at 14:03 was also pretty funny just this episode was quite funny as well I always love The Lion King movies and The Lion Guard tv series I always will even though I'm 18 I don't care how old I am I know that I will always love this show! another amazeing and funny episode that is so good!!!!!!!!

Seth McDonell • 4 months ago

I have to agree that this episode was one of the most funniest Lion Guard show yet.

Kion and Zuri Fan • 4 months ago

Cool! This was one of my favourite episodes 😀💛

Winter Fury • 4 months ago

Horrible episode die die die die die die die die
Die, Dhahabu.

Caleb Martin • 4 months ago

This episode was funny for the most part. 4 stars out of 5 for this episode! Keep it up with the good work.

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 3 months ago

As I know of for when I wake up Tomorrow I'll have a new episode of The Lion Guard to watch when I am also getting ready for school on Monday my spring break is over sadly. For me it is still very strange that parma city school kids and kids around the world go on break differently and it would end differently as well. For more learning in school that is so boring for me it always is. but a few bright sides for me to look onto I got a new episode of The Lion Guard to watch Tomorrow The Lion Guard The Fall of Mizimu Grove not only that but I got great school friends to see and my GF who said yes to going to the prom with me. One last negative I got also comes with a question that I don't know myself still never found out yet hopefully someone can answer it. Is Time change over? I really don't like having to wake up when it still looks dark outside in the morning and I'm still tired. If it's not I hope someone finds out when soon.

Michael Taylor • 4 months ago

The frolic and romp is even more annoying than panic and run. Plus isn't Dhahabu like evil the last time she appeared?

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

29 episodes of season 2

Steven Villman • 4 months ago

Okay, that is really good for me to know here, as now I know on when it is safe to burn the Season 2 episodes that I've downloaded to a blank DVD (or two) without risk in having to re-burn the episodes to a blank DVD (or two) a second time!

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

I think Scar is going to be defeated in season 3.

Lion Guard • 4 months ago

This is really good the more you watch it

kopaisoutthere • 4 months ago


Monty1701 • 4 months ago

Totally delightful! The best episode, ever!

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

this kick and stomp song is awsome.

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

that funny when the girls scream.

Samuel • 1 week ago

I wish season 3 come out by now😫😭

Ben Caldwell • 2 weeks ago

I can't wait for season 3

Nico Rozner • 1 month ago

I remember when janja actually considered switching sides in rescue in the outlands so maybe he will turn to the good guys in season 3 followed by a new hyena coming into play.

Ben Caldwell • 3 months ago

Is Dhahabu is going to be in season 3.

Scar2002 • 4 months ago

there are only 21 episodes left

Funny episode

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

Do Jackals go bark like dogs?

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

do Dhahabu have kids?

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

what Raha and Starehe are Dhahabu's kids?

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

Is Dhahabu is going to be in season 3

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

Rairai is crazy and evil.

Ben Caldwell • 4 months ago

that is my favorite episode like babysitter bunga

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