Watch Beshte and the Beast

S2 E25: Beshte and the Beast

A gorilla ally seems to cause more harm than good!


Erik Bihari • 1 week ago

Seriously the Lion Guard=Avengers,Scar=Dormamu,Janja's gang=Jokers,Rei Rei=Granny Goodness,Shuja=Bizarro!:)

Arvie Tevin • 6 hours ago

what the flip lol

Kat • 6 days ago

Whaaa when did this come out! Are there any more?!

3 more episodes still season 3 begins. it's 1 thing that I know of still I am still pretty excited it's hard to wait I don't know for more right now but hopefully soon I love The Lion Guard.

Arvie Tevin • 6 hours ago

Dem 3 more episode