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Season 2 Episode 22
The Zebra Mastermind

Thurston is mistaken as the brains behind the Guard.


Kira Lioness • 10 months ago

Wow great episode! Lol. The stupid outlanders in Scar's army believe the stupid Zebra Thurston. Wow The lion guard is super great. Next another great episode should be great as well cause Jasiri will be coming back A top most favorite characters one of my top favorites. I am excited to be seeing Jasiri soon.

Guest • 9 months ago

Thruston is not stupid, he just is selfish!

JhorseyPuma • 6 months ago

I don't think he is selfish...

Kiara Lioness • 10 months ago

Same for me too I been waiting quite a long time to see Jasiri come back it will be in the next new episode The Hyena Resistance yah! I'm very excited!

Kiara Lioness • 10 months ago

Oh Wow OMG this episode was very funny XD the Zebra Thurston is not very smart neither are the outlanders that trusted him Hyenas Cheezi and Chungu and Jackal Goigoi and Crockadiles Tamka and Naduli but they were very funny I love to laugh at the stupid charecters wow this episode was very good wow really Thurston Woooooooooooooooooooow! The lion guard is so great!

Kira Lioness • 10 months ago

XD LOL yeah those guys are not very smart.

Kiara • 10 months ago

This has been one of the funniest episodes to date I like how the outlanders believe everything Thurston says xD Also I love episodes with Cheezi and Chungu on them.

Caleb Martin • 7 months ago

If anyone disses lion guard on this site or another one, I will DDos them someday.

Ben Caldwell • 9 months ago

Where is Muhimu,Twiga,Swala,Vuruga Vuruga,and Dhahabu.

John Pass • 9 months ago

I wish vultures were in this episode as well not the leader just the others

ecocat annabelle • 10 months ago

SERIOSLY? Thurston is the zebra mastermind? That's just...

kenhji thekhajiit • 10 months ago

I think the biggest idiot is goigoi i mean how is it possible to be so oblivius to not noticing he is standing in hot burning lava

Andrew Jeffery • 10 months ago

God damn it, Disney!!!!! Why do you do this to me??!!

Ben Caldwell • 10 months ago

goigoi should have brains just like in mate.

Jessica • 10 months ago

when the zebra said if it weren't for me the guard will fall apart
i'm like says the person who panics and run and then the lion guard shows up to save the day
so really if it weren't for the guard you'd be either dead or very ill

TLG_Premiere • 10 months ago


Great job :)

Funtimefrenny Rhefobaer • 10 months ago

No it was not they what five the lion gurad to scar instead of the zirlda

Liam Evans • 10 months ago


Liam Evans • 10 months ago

Scar May Not Be in This Episode But He Was Mentioned And This Was One Of His Plans

Guest • 9 months ago

Why do you always write in uppercase XD!

A Brony User • 10 months ago


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