Watch Undercover Kinyonga

S2 E20: Undercover Kinyonga

A chameleon helps the Guard by spying on Scar.


Mlppokemonlover • 4 months ago

I hope Kinyonga makes another appearance someday because she's proven that she makes a good spy and of course the Lion Guard could use that to their advantage i mean it may have given them the upper hand in this episode but who knows what Scar will plan next time the Lion Guard need to know what Scar's going to do before he does it that way they'll be one step ahead of Scar and his army.

Fast cat • 4 months ago

Can't wait for season 3 !!!

TLG_Premiere • 4 months ago

Boy ready for Season 3.

If you, like

Kevin Pridelander • 1 month ago

I know that I am super excited for season 3 I love The lion guard so much! I can't wait for season 3 it is hard to wait!

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 4 months ago

i am ready for season 3 and more new episodes i really love the lion guard

Daniel Lausen • 2 months ago

And there is only 3 episodes left! It's gonna be cool to see what season 3 has to offfer!

Jasiri • 2 months ago

Wait, aren't there 8 episodes left?

watchtlg • 1 month ago

The Lion Guard is taking a summer break!
Ford Riley, the executive producer, has announced that we won't see any new episodes until September.

Kusaidia • 2 weeks ago

Quick question do you know what day the episodes will release in September

watchtlg • 1 week ago

Unfortunately, there is no more information at this time.

Janja • 1 month ago

Oh shut up I want more of the lion guard you have to be lying if not I'm crazy

Kevin Pridelander • 2 weeks ago

We all for sure want more lion guard episodes he is not lying I love The lion guard so much that I'm number 1 fan of it but we got to wait untill semptember as much as I love the lion guard I'm able to wait like when I waited for more episodes to come after divide and conquer episode I'm surprise that for me there's one thing I'm able to be patient for more Lion guard episodes we only got 2 more months to wait and they are on break but I feel that they must also be really thinking of lots of more great ideas cause that is a big wait but for me I feel that Days go by pretty fast I'll be able to make it you will just have to wait.

Janja • 2 weeks ago

When I said oh shut up it was a figure of speech that a lot of people use and the lying is also a figure of speech and no I'm not crazy and yes all of us love the lion guard You know you people take figures of speech way to seriously, but for some reason I think they should still be doing it in the summer because kids are out of school and need entertainment, that's my opinion ok

Kevin Pridelander • 1 month ago

Hi guys please check out my Oc Charecter I really like the one I created for me I'm Kevin 3rd son of Simba and Nala I got My older sister Kiara and older Brother Kion. my friends are lions I got some non lion friends as well. My lion friends are Jayden , Mike , Troy , Noah , Tyler , Koda , Brody and Preston. I got some outsider friends not all outsiders are bad as I see Hayley is a lioness outsider. I know that she is also pretty cute too. I been with her before and when we're together I see that we can make a great couple someday. Hayley feels the same way as I know. Sadly we are both seprate from each other because as I know I'm a pridelander and she's an outsider. The other pridelanders except me and my sister Kiara and brother Kion and Kion's lion guard team sees that she has good in her and they got to meet her well. I also made another Outsider friend Kovu as I knew when when me and my brother Kion and his lion guard team met the outsiders for the first time there was no Hayley around. It took us a lot of days to see good in Kovu cause when we first met his mother Zira she tried to get Me and Kion too be bad lions but it did not work though me and Kion are just really good lions that will never do bad! we did'nt trust Kovu untill a bit after we ment Hayley It also took us a while to trust Hayley but it wasn't as long as it took for us to trust Kovu. Both Kovu and Hayley they are good outsider lions not all of them are bad! Now on to the friends that are not Lions. Bunga the Honeybadger The bravest , Ono a egret The keenest of sight , Beshte a hippo the strongest , Fuli the cheetah the fastest. Timon and Pumbaa are also friends of mine Rafiki , Makini and Zazu I got Hyena friends too just like the outsiders not all Hyenas are bad. Jasiri and Madoa any friends of my family are able to become friends of mine. It may take a while though to trust them if there not pridelanders but as long as they go to do good to me and my Family members they can become trustable friends. That's it for my charecter. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

ecocat annabelle • 4 months ago

Thurston: "THE ROCK!"
Kion: "uh...okay."
Me: (laughing) "Good grief!"
Thurston: "A talking rock? A yelling tree? Next the grass will be signing! You know what this means!"
Me: Oh, shut up! (laughing)
Kion: "You don't have to-"
Thurston:"PANIC AND RUN!"
Me; (falling off the couch laughing)

Panci7 aj • 4 months ago

correction: Thurston: PANIC AND--
Kion: STOP!!!
now thats funny xd

Kevin Pridelander • 1 month ago

Hey Guys I been watching my newest live stream I had on my channel on As I know I had fun doing the stream I was being for the first few songs Only the songs with Kion singing up to the last one he sung in with The lion guard Path of Honor from the rise of Scar movie. And for the rest of the songs I was being Janja I been my most favorite good guy charecter for fun in the lion guard Kion sang his songs and for other songs sang my most favorite lion guard bad guy songs by Janja what did you think of my stream I had fun doing it!

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 3 months ago

I really love The Lion Guard and i can't wait for more new episodes but sadly have to be Patient. It's one thing that is not very easy for me.
Anyway guys. Today for me at school there was a trip to the parma rec center there was a dance theme Hawaii. i got a like Tatoo it is not real it is the best i could find from the choices i feel that i could never go for a real Tatoo i really Hate Needles! but check it out i love it to me it is cool! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 4 months ago


Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 4 months ago

i really love the lion guard i laugh everytime the Zebra's panic & run lol

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 4 months ago

Never thought being sick was so nice

Arvie Tevin • 4 months ago

Hey see my Oc

Im the brother of Nala just see in the trail of udugu eps Nala say he has brother/sister right? so Im wanna made my Oc as her brother and im the leader of the lion guard too after scar/taka
Maybe you all gonna hate my Oc cause Im Scar bestfriend and Im the one that knew the secreat of the roar like like what if you roar too the cloud or water then I told it too Scar.
That my Oc story

Kevin Pridelander • 1 month ago

I saw the fetured post only 2 more month till september when more new episodes will be coming. I'm right now already hyped for new episodes I love the lion guard!

Kat • 2 months ago

I think they’re starting season 3 but I could be wrong (hope I’m not).

Kat • 3 months ago

Is this the last episode of season 2 or are there more?

TLG Fan18 • 3 months ago

I hope this is not the last episode of season 2. I expected something more grand for a finale

TLG Fan18 • 3 months ago

13 days later still waiting for an answer

TLG Fan18 • 3 months ago

When is the next episode? Is Season 2 over now? I am confused

Gabriel Gab Gabby • 4 months ago

im ready for season 3 i like the lion guard

Kat • 4 months ago

I was watching this episode again and I got up to look out the window and there were three bears: a mama and two yearlings walking up my deck stairs. They got into the trash and now there’s garbage all over the lawn. Maybe they should put sloth bears in an episode. But these were just black bears.

Kat • 4 months ago

We’re going we’re going. Why does Janja always say that? Maybe that should be his catchy phrase

Karla Pereira Castor • 4 months ago

I loved the episode, it was very funny when the lion's guard came by surprise (because they are camouflaged) and scared janja, and if my cauculos and my logic are right, there are still more episodes of the guard before finishing the 2nd season, When's the next coming out? I am very anxious to leave the next, and, a random observation, someone noticed that everyone gets screwed more than once, except the kion? At least I realized, anyway, I'm looking forward to the next episode !!!!!!!

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 4 months ago

i don't know when the next episode comes out but i also love that part that was good i also like what he says when Cheezi gets done saying Scar's going to be mad The lion guard beat us again and then he says well then i won't tell him i'll tell him we were beating by A rock , a tree some mud , a bush and a cump of dirt and Like Scar is going to belive that wow the skinks might tell him the truth though oh wow i am also looking forward to see the next episode i love The lion guard

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 4 months ago

i love the part where Janja says then i'll just tell him we got beaten by a rock a bush a tree wow like saying that will make Scar belive you wow yah that's a good idea to tell him that Lol

ecocat annabelle • 4 months ago

Yeah, like Scar would believe that. His skinks would probably tell him the truth.

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 4 months ago

yah they probably would they will for sure be smart enough to tell the truth becaluse it is not right to lie but that part to me is really funny lol I love the lion guard Season 2 is right now becomeing a really big favorite of mine the storylines for The lion guard are geting cooler and a lot more darker in The lion guard i can't wait for more episodes and season 3 to come out

Kat • 3 months ago

Soooo when is the next episode?

D.Va • 4 months ago

I really wish they wouldn't spread misinformation about chameleons like that :c I own one and I can tell you that chameleons don't change their colors to match their surroundings- they're already camouflaged by default, but they change colors depending on their mood. :c
I've been hoping for a chameleon episode since the biginning, so I'm a bit bummed to see the writers didn't do research before doing the episode. Still glad to see a cham though :')

Renae Sims • 4 months ago

It's a cartoon about talking animals, I think that's the least of their concern. If anything the writers did all the research they needed on the behavior of cartoon chameleons, as they've done with just about every other animal in the show.
There are hundreds of species of chameleons, just because the one in the fictional cartoon doesn't behave as your pet does is no fault of the writers, or a sign of lack of research.
Yes, some, do utilize camouflage behavior. Don't misinform yourself.

Lindi • 4 months ago

I know. Most people think that chameleons change their color to camouflage. I think one of the main reasons why they aren't spotted is that they only move slowly and are very silent, their color doesn't help them much more than other animals. Another misinformation is that chameleons actually move very slowly. I think the misinformation about the color changing is worse than that one about their speed. However, I noticed so I wanted to add it.
I like the chameleon, too, though it has some mistakes.

Renae Sims • 4 months ago

Of the many species of chameleons that exist, there are a few like south Africa's endangered Smith's Dwarf that actually do change color for camouflage. It's not a mistake, it's just the most popular and, given the lion king's setting, easiest chameleon type to pick.

watchtlg • 2 days ago

Disney has revealed the episode schedule for September. The episodes are as follows:

Cave of Secrets (Tuesday, September 4)
The Zebra Mastermind (Wednesday, September 5)
The Hyena Resistance (Thursday, September 6)
The Underground Adventure (Friday, September 7)

Also, Ford Riley said Season 2 will have 28 episodes + "The Rise of Scar". That would mean there are 9 episodes left to the end of the season.

Ayla Kitty Leicht • 2 weeks ago

I cant wait for Season three nether. I have a question. I don't want my Name to be what it is how do I change it? I tried everything!

Janja • 1 month ago

I want to finish season two see what happens

Kevin Pridelander • 1 month ago

Hi guys I know that I'm planing to like do this for fun I am planing for my own lion king series for fun with lion guard stuff as well New charecter names will comes. Now I'm going to share at least some idea's but all the rest of them I'm going to have others wait and see. Get ready for a few sad moments in my series. There will be a part where Simba and Nala pass away thank's to Zira and her outsiders. There not the only ones Kion and his lion guard team is killed by Zira and her outsiders as well. My lion king charecter Kevin will be in it. In this series Kiara and her other brother me Kevin goes on a quest to do whatever it takes to win back Kiara's kingdom that was taken over by Zira and her lionesses. Later on Kiara and Kevin finds mates for themselfs. Kiara ends up falling in love with Kovu. For Kevin he ends up with a mate named Hayley. Later on a new lion guard team comes. It has Alvin who is Kevin and Hayley's son who is the new leader of the lion guard and the fiercest. Sarah is Kevin and Hayley's daughter she becomes the next Bravest. For this series I gave Fuli a sibling her sister Tori becomes the fastest. Mototo is the strongest I'm pretending that when I use him he is older now. I used a charecter from the lion guard episode Ono and the egg. I did my best to make Ona older and she becomes the next Keenest of sight. These are all I am shareing for rest of the idea's you got to find out for yourself! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

TLG Fan18 • 1 month ago

and what is the next episode called anyway?

TLG Fan18 • 1 month ago

so when is The Lion Guard coming back? its been like 3 months. I really want to find out what happens in the next episode.

Sarah Noor • 2 months ago

Oh snap ain't this the funniest episode I have seen... 😂😂

Kat • 4 months ago

Oh I know that game! Also there’s another lion guard game on page 5 or 6 on Check it out it’s a great website.

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 4 months ago

i did this for fun at my school i created a challange for me to me it was awesome i was doing it as i was the leader of The lion guard i needed to find members for my lion guard team i kept the animals in this the same animals they are in the series of The lion guard i just changed the names that is the only thing that changed I am the lion cub leader who's name is Josh my real name in real life is Joshua but i mainly like being called Josh for me in my lion guard Imanignation i am Josh and i'm the fiercest , my most favorite school teacher for me is the bravest one Mr. Buttery my Job training teacher is the bravest in the lion guard , my friend Nate is The Keenest of sight in The lion guard , my friend Arthur is The strongest in The lion guard and the final member is Raina who is the fastest in my lion guard Team i am planing to change for in my imanignation of The lion guard all the other charecters names will change i got for most of the bad guys i got their names to be the ones who are the bully's at my School Matt Karpen a kid who is mean to my friend Arthur and Chris he has never been mean to me yet but i don't like those who are mean to my friends becaluse my friends are like other members of my family to me in my imanigation Matt for me is the new Janja Hyena Matt is a very bad Hyena for in my lion guard imanignation. i got for the new Scar a kid who is Courtney Thomas is the new Scar he has been mean to a lot of kids at my school even me he was mean to Nate , Cade , Arthur , Jaylen , Anthony , Destiny , Melanie and other friends of mine Courtney Thomas is my bigest enemy he use to be my friend untill he started to become a bully! i only got 2 bully's in my school and the rest of kids at my school are like friends to me even the ones i don't quite know very well they are quite friendly to me i feel that i got more friends then enemy's mainly caluse im mainly always being very nice to everyone i am a very good kid at my school. i got good guys in The lion guard names changed i got for Kiara my sister and the future queen her name is Jasmine i used the name from a movie i like called Aladdin i'm trying to think of names for all the charecters i am still thinking of names for all the other charecters. but for me this was a pretty awesome challange. for me it does not matter that my team is not all lions i know that us 5 are the Fiercest , Bravest , Keenest of sight , Strongest and fastest i loved this challange i made for myself. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...