Watch The Wisdom of Kongwe

Season 2 Episode 18
The Wisdom of Kongwe

Fuli and Makini escort a tortoise to Pride Rock.


John Pass • 5 months ago

This is seriously crazy lol

i agree :0

John Pass • 23 hours ago

What did I said I forgot that you are agreeing

TLG_Premiere • 10 months ago

Makini another breaks stick :(

Kali • 9 months ago

Ya it's probably like staff number seven

Cubby Stephenson • 10 months ago

Makini always breaks her stick :'(

yes i feel bad for makini

Malachi Branch • 4 months ago

or burns it in fire

Phoenix Mcphee • 5 months ago

Cubby hi bro

Ryan Perez • 6 months ago

I know. She needs to be more careful or the Pride Lands will run of sticks. She can probably use the broken sticks to make a fire.

She need be more careful and wise.

Faceless Gamer • 8 months ago

Quite the obvious captain

Ashley Cushnie • 10 months ago

OMG!!! Simba and Kion talking to Mufasa!!!!!!

Erik Bihari • 8 months ago

Yeah ever since the movie we waited this first i questione how kion can hear mufasa and then we know that lions in simba's pride can do it. kion of course because he hawe the roar bestoed upon him. Also when kion and simba talking to mufasa wase the episode's highlight as well as the most awesome oment the entire show!, The rest of the episode is the usual young vs old argument fuli is young,inpulsive,inexperienced,inpatient,reckless,arrogant,hot headed,wayward,cocky,stubbern,sometimes egotistical,disrespectful!,while kongwe is experienced,patient,observent,wise but slow,respectful. Seriously guys every once in a while theres a plot like this, wich one of you saw it in another cartoon?(cough:star wars clone wars!)

Alexandra Longden • 10 months ago


Ryan Perez • 6 months ago

I know. It's about time Simba talks to his Dad.

Ben Caldwell • 10 months ago

Are you going to make an episode called Fears Taking Over.

I don't know, why?

Maisha TLK • 10 months ago

I sympathise with Fuli... her company is very annoying xd

Absolutely XD

Baillie Kitchell • 10 months ago

He's my absolute favorite voice actor.

Erik Bihari • 8 months ago

Some people like to refer to him as the definetive voice of WOLWERINE! And yeah definetly a great voice actor but when i find out that he voiced Vilgax in Ben 10 it wase an undescribable feeling.,No disrespect to Steve Blum he awesome but the majority of he's voices on western shows like The Green Goblin in Spectacular Spiderman,or Starscream in Transformers prime/Robots in Disguise(2015) are usually the scrawny underling tipe whenewer he voices a big muscular and menacing figure like Vilgax or Zeb in star wars rebells it seem off! Yeah he's Green Goblin laugh is Spectacular,wicked and powerful,but steve's voice tone is suited for underlings and more tuff heawy hitter big shots but not ginourmus muscular characters like Zed, Makucha is the excelent example and ballence of he's voice tone!


janja is mah boi! :3

kopaisoutthere • 1 month ago

another cliff hanger!

John Pass • 4 months ago

I wonder will they reveal the truth how Scar really die from Hyneas though Simba and his family don’t know that theirselves because they only know like Janja The fire killed him but Scar didn’t shown any hesitation to work with heynas could it be the writers change the idea of his death
Of fire then being killed by hyneas

John Pass • 5 months ago

Hey everyone, please pass on the message to every fan of lion guard they will canceled the show before season 3 maybe please we need over million viewers each ep also you need to watch commercials if not they won’t count as viewers

Anon • 5 months ago

First of all, you need to watch Lion Guard on official sources, like or Disney Junior TV channel where the commercials are present. Alternatively you can purchase episodes on services like Apple Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime. Only then Disney makes money on watching the show.

Of course these options are available only to US citizens.

Janja • 5 months ago

I love it when Fuli sings

OOOOOOO janja likes fuli :)
too bad i like janja :(

Janja • 7 months ago

Imagine, Fuli and Makucha falling in love that would be funny, weird, and I so would like to see that happening just look at her face when she says but I haven't lost my taste for leopard

Savannah Smith • 10 months ago

Low key ship makchuta and fuli

Erik Bihari • 8 months ago


Mr. Nothing • 9 months ago

I know right? If that "taste" comment wasn't an innuendo, I don't know what is.

John Pass • 10 months ago

to bad their no writers or creators of lion guard on this site Im hoping Scar meets Makchuta the leopard and his leap to be part of the Scar army their be more formidable

_Nelson_ • 10 months ago

I think that it's better to join Zira then the plot is gaining momentum

John Pass • 10 months ago

what? I dont understand

its good to have Zira and Leopards on Scar side think of their power

they could do the dive and conquer once again but this time will be tougher

having Zira group attacking zebras, Janja group attack antelopes. Vultures with Zira side like back up as ambush, Janja gets Leopards and crocks with Rairai as their ambush as back like they all get back to attack from hiding in right time to strike

this will be very tough for lion guard to split up

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 10 months ago

i feel for Fuli in this when trying to get Kongwe to the king she wants things to go fast i like fast too and it we don't have much patiance to wait when waiting mostly i can wait for a while but not for a very long time

John Pass • 10 months ago

To the turtle, she has point that Fuli want things to be done fast but the turtle wanted to show Full fast isnt the best key for everything because life is to short for Full is munch faster as the turtle likes take her time not because of turtle but wants to enjoy her natural lifespan to watch the world right before her time of ending

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 10 months ago

i loved what Bunga said lol The Big B bridge lol :)

levi g thomson • 10 months ago

what if kion uses the roar of the elders at makucha

WentHulk • 10 months ago

Kongwe speaks in riddles but its easy to understand her if one uses one's head.

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 10 months ago

in this episode it was cool seeing most parts from older episodes i seen parts from the lion guard episode Fuli's new family there are parts in Diamond White's new song as Fuli in this show The Faster I go the More that I See you see the parts from when she sang my own way from in the episode Fuli's new new family

Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio • 10 months ago

When Fuli sings her song, I like how Disney used the scenes from other episodes, including 'Fuli's New Family', where she sings her other song 'My Own Way'.

Erik Bihari • 8 months ago

This is another elder vs young episode!

ecocat annabelle • 10 months ago

I noticed that too.

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 10 months ago

Makini mainly always loses one stick after another LOL the first one she lost in the movie the rise of scar when the Hyena's attacked Kiara and Makini , The second time was in the lion guard episode Rafiki's new neighbors when the stick get's lost in the fire and the third time was in the lion guard episode The bite of Kenge when Kenge breaks the stick , The lion guard The scorpion sting when the stick got knocked into the lava by the vultures and in this new episode The wisdom of Kongwe when Makini trys to move Kongwe it breaks wow won't be long untill she loses another one oh wow

ecocat annabelle • 10 months ago

Ha ha yeah. "Not another staff!" xD

Malena Santillán • 10 months ago

Good episode, poor Makini, his stick always ends up breaking XD

Kat • 10 months ago

Which thing should I watch first the outsiders or the new lion guard episode? Sorry this a little random but I can’t decide!

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