Watch The Scorpion's Sting

S2 E17: The Scorpion's Sting

Simba is stung by a scorpion!


Sazamasaz • 2 weeks ago

OMG this is the one everyone has been waiting for :D

Ecocat Annabelle • 1 week ago

Heck yes

Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio • 2 weeks ago

Seriously, Banzaii, Shenzi, and Ed, the hyenas, killed Scar, not Simba.

John Pass • 2 weeks ago

they might not known of this. they only saw scar fallen into the fire not surviving from the fall but ten by hyenas could be the parents of the cubs never told the truth possible just want them to know what they were given from one lion that did cared for hyneas

Simon • 2 weeks ago

that actually makes sense

Grubb Daniel • 1 week ago

I wish they had the Outsiders aka Zira and her clan with Scar. LOL

Amakow Maguet • 2 weeks ago

finally this was the moment i have been waiting for

SomePerson • 2 weeks ago

Look's like Scar's had one to many bottle's of vodka again. Excellent episode.

JACKIE Lee Jones • 1 week ago

If it's a war that Scar wants, it's a war he'll get

Kat • 1 week ago

Joshua you’re right I saw Kenge too!

TLG_Premiere • 2 weeks ago


How fools.

Arvie Tevin • 6 days ago

Roar streak Colected

Arvie Tevin • 1 week ago

Look at my drawing btw my Oc is Scar/Taka best friend

Panci7 aj • 1 week ago


Mikhail Richardson • 2 weeks ago

As Matt,Inez,Jackie and Digit have protected Cyberspace from Hacker,the Lion Guard will do their best to protect the Pride Lands from Scar!

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 2 weeks ago

am i the only one who looks closely in episodes of the lion guard at 15:02 i saw Kenge from the lion guard episode The bite of Kenge that was awesome too bad he just does talk in this episode

Kat • 2 weeks ago

Which episode does the new lioness Rami come in?

Isobelah • 2 weeks ago

It’s Rani and she comes in the third season.

This occasion captivated me, I was afraid for Simba all the time.

Michael Murph • 2 weeks ago

I must admit, this is the best episode of Season 2 I've ever seen. I'm
glad the Lion Guard saved Simba. And almost all of the villainous
animals joined forces with Scar. Looks like Kion needs lots of help in
orer to defeat Scar and his League. I knew Mzingo and his followers
would join Scar all along. All Scar need is Kenge, Mpishi, Zira and her
Outsiders and his League will be complete. I know the leopards are the
Back Landers and all. But if Makucha and his leap, along with Mapigano
willing to join forces with Scar, then it would be the bonus. And if
that happens, then the Lion Guard would need Jasiri and Badili's help to
defeat the whole army of Scar.

Ashley Cushnie • 6 days ago

Kenge was in there.

I don’t think that mapigano was a bad guy. I think he was just a bully but definitely not entirely evil. And also, he can’t have much to hate the lion guard for anyways. It was badhili who stood up for himself at the end.

But definitely zira and then outlanders. I’m surprised they haven’t jumped on that yet. By the way, wheres jasiri?

Kion • 2 weeks ago

Wow this is a very cool episod

John Pass • 2 weeks ago

great episode

Kat • 2 weeks ago

What’s the next episode seeing as it says new episode coming in 11 hrs? And tomorrow I have school too! Ugh!

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 2 weeks ago

well at least you will be able to watch it later but im lucky i am on my spring break from school right now still it will be the episode to air on disney jr. The lion guard the wisdom of kongwe i am excited for new episodes i really love the lion guard

Lol my spring break is next week 😐

Anthony • 2 weeks ago

I love the lion guard and this website

Malena Santillán • 2 weeks ago

Wow. This episode was amazing. What will scar doing now? I need know. Anyway, it was one of the best episodes that i saw until now <3

Andrew Jeffery • 2 weeks ago

Bunga, every word that came out of your mouth at the beginning was completely WRONG. Timon and Pumbaa made that diversion to keep the hyenas from seeing Simba. Then they came back to Pride Rock and helped Simba fight the Hyenas. Also, the story that Timon and Pumbaa told you is filled with lies.

Kat • 2 weeks ago

Aren’t there some more coming out?

Ashley Cushnie • 2 weeks ago


George Helm • 2 weeks ago

Amazing new episode my breath is taken away but anyway this to your site to upload the episodes early

Kat • 2 weeks ago

Scar just blabbed the whole plan to the lion guard. How dumb can you get?

Mr. Nothing • 1 week ago

It wasn't blabbing it was monologuing, I believe it's a requirement in his line of work.

Calvin Fujii • 2 weeks ago

The only thing that would make Scar's army more dangerous would be the one thing that all of the Pride Landers would least be ready for: HUMANS

Andrew Jeffery • 2 weeks ago

I sincerely doubt that humans will appear in the Lion King universe.