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Season 2 Episode 17
The Scorpion's Sting

Simba is stung by a scorpion!


Sazamasaz • 1 year ago

OMG this is the one everyone has been waiting for :D

Ecocat Annabelle • 1 year ago

Heck yes

agron989 • 9 months ago

you got that right.

agron989 • 9 months ago

oh yeah we have.

Grubb Daniel • 1 year ago

I wish they had the Outsiders aka Zira and her clan with Scar. LOL

agron989 • 9 months ago

i've been wishing the same oh man that would be awesome. LOL

Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio • 1 year ago

Seriously, Banzaii, Shenzi, and Ed, the hyenas, killed Scar, not Simba.

John Pass • 1 year ago

they might not known of this. they only saw scar fallen into the fire not surviving from the fall but ten by hyenas could be the parents of the cubs never told the truth possible just want them to know what they were given from one lion that did cared for hyneas

Simon • 1 year ago

that actually makes sense

Faceless Gamer • 1 year ago


Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

They just dont know sometime I hope outlander and PrideLander is become one oh yeah In Lion King 2 XD

Diana Law • 1 year ago


Amakow Maguet • 1 year ago

finally this was the moment i have been waiting for

JACKIE Lee Jones • 1 year ago

If it's a war that Scar wants, it's a war he'll get

SomePerson • 1 year ago

Look's like Scar's had one to many bottle's of vodka again. Excellent episode.

2shotsOFvodka@YT • 1 month ago

He had two shots of vodka

Just search that on youtube, it is HI-LA-RIOUS

Kiara Lioness • 1 year ago

only in my imagination sadly I'm doing this with real life friends pretending to be a new generation The Lioness guard this will be a tough fight for me and My Lioness Guard Team but for whatever it takes we will defeat Scar especally cause he messed with a friend of mine Shani the bravest in my team Scar tried but failed to get rid of her mom. and for me when anyone mess with anyone I care about like friends they are also like family to me anyone messes with us they mess with us all!

Erik Bihari • 1 year ago

Guys did you know that the show's executive producer Ford Riley voiced sumu here!? And Njano the blue,yellow skink in shupawu's skin group+aditional voices!? Also scorpions are now canon in the lion king universe and it nice to see that not every crawling creature potrayed like their unintresting real counter part and some does hawe sentience!

Kat • 1 year ago

Joshua you’re right I saw Kenge too!

TLG_Premiere • 1 year ago


How fools.

Matt Ragusa • 1 month ago

2:36 BE PREPARED!!!!

Anastasia Shirchenko • 1 month ago


simba wayne • 1 month ago

Simba is so weak

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 months ago

Gotta admit, Scar's plan is flawed. If Simba had died, Nala would still be queen because Kiara is underage. And Nala has got her stuff together- the Lion Guard would work just the same.

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 months ago

So... why hasn't Scar yet asked Janja to tell Zira that he's back?
Her lions would be of much more use to him than his current allies are. And doesn't Scar love Zira?

Resident evil • 4 months ago

One teater bullied and seing this show have nofing about the lion king bi cuse i am think that is after lion king this ep is telling to day is day simba defiting me
An wen simba defiting scar in det lion king
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FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

The outlanders summoning scar was like the german workers party getting hitler elected.

Kat • 4 months ago

Yeah and the scene in the Lion King where all the hyenas march past Scar was actually a reference to the Nazi’s similar walk. Or Zira’s Lions over all. Sound familiar to anything else in that time period? There’s actually quite a lot of references if you know where to look.

Charlie • 5 months ago

The hyenas technically killed Scar because they were the ones who ate him alive as he burned. The hyenas shouldn't even be helping Scar since he's the one who blamed them to try and save himself. Janja is probably related to Shenzi's clan anyways.

Resident evil • 6 months ago

I have one questen why de think to attack kion is so angry have not hyenas see what happens last time when kion was not happy

Liam Evans • 9 months ago

Scar: Rat in A Hat
Janja: Tinky Winky
Kiburi: Pido
Rei Rei: McDuff
Mzingo: Max
Ushari: B1 And B2
Hyenas: Dipsy, Laa Laa And Po
Crocodiles: Raggs, B Max, Trilby And Razzles
Jackals: Johnson, Diesel, Alfred, Squeaky And Victoria
Vultures: Judy, Milo's Dad And Fizz's Mum
Skinks: Cecilia Nuthatch, Milo, Jake, Fizz, Bella, Blinky Bill, Nutsy And Ling Ling
Kenge: Doodles
Sumu: Arktos
Other Members: Miss Bianca, Mrs Brisby, Gadget Hackwrench, Emily, Alexander, Basil Of Baker Street, Izzles, Morgan, Amy And Lulu
Kion: Lois Griffin
Bunga: Marge Simpson
Fuli: Nani Pelekai
Ono: Big Bird
Besthe: Mike Wazowski
Makini: Luann Van Houten

Jessica • 1 year ago

What did Kion do to Scar

Sarah Noor • 1 year ago

well it was actually the hyenas that defeated scar..... Simba only banished him

Kion • 1 year ago

That's because it is between simba and scar's fight and either one of them, simba won

Faceless Gamer • 1 year ago

If I had a character in the show, I would say "Simba threw Scar into a pit, then the hyneas took care of the rest. Simba did not see this happen because there was too much fire."

John Orrian • 1 year ago

It's funny how "The Roar" used to be really special but now it can be used 4 times in a row withn no recharge/rest period.Surprised its not something everyone can easily use.

FuliTheCheetah • 3 weeks ago

Ha! You're right though. My friend Kion abuses his "Special Power" all the time to impress Rani. He is SO obnoxious about their relationship, and doesn't even care about the rest of us. I mean, think of everything I've done for him! I'm not saying we're in love or anything, but come on! We used to be good friends, but now he doesn't even acknowledge my existence! Seriously?

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

Roar streak Colected

Panci7 aj • 1 year ago


Mikhail Richardson • 1 year ago

As Matt,Inez,Jackie and Digit have protected Cyberspace from Hacker,the Lion Guard will do their best to protect the Pride Lands from Scar!

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 1 year ago

am i the only one who looks closely in episodes of the lion guard at 15:02 i saw Kenge from the lion guard episode The bite of Kenge that was awesome too bad he just does talk in this episode

Kat • 1 year ago

Which episode does the new lioness Rami come in?

Isobelah • 1 year ago

It’s Rani and she comes in the third season.

This occasion captivated me, I was afraid for Simba all the time.

Michael Murph • 1 year ago

I must admit, this is the best episode of Season 2 I've ever seen. I'm
glad the Lion Guard saved Simba. And almost all of the villainous
animals joined forces with Scar. Looks like Kion needs lots of help in
orer to defeat Scar and his League. I knew Mzingo and his followers
would join Scar all along. All Scar need is Kenge, Mpishi, Zira and her
Outsiders and his League will be complete. I know the leopards are the
Back Landers and all. But if Makucha and his leap, along with Mapigano
willing to join forces with Scar, then it would be the bonus. And if
that happens, then the Lion Guard would need Jasiri and Badili's help to
defeat the whole army of Scar.

Ashley Cushnie • 1 year ago

Kenge was in there.

I don’t think that mapigano was a bad guy. I think he was just a bully but definitely not entirely evil. And also, he can’t have much to hate the lion guard for anyways. It was badhili who stood up for himself at the end.

But definitely zira and then outlanders. I’m surprised they haven’t jumped on that yet. By the way, wheres jasiri?

Kion • 1 year ago

Wow this is a very cool episod

John Pass • 1 year ago

great episode

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