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S2 E16: Divide and Conquer

Tamaa the Drongo helps Kion be in two places at once!


rebecca.roulett • 1 week ago

Well I can't believe that Kion got to see Scar for the first time

WentHulk • 1 week ago

It was only a matter of time.

agron989 • 1 week ago

I know right oh boy oh boy it's gonna be cool to see what happens now

Gianfranco Passafiume • 1 week ago

he doesnt know thats scar

agron989 • 1 week ago

true not yet anyway give it time

Max Charles • 1 week ago

I certainly enjoy my acting in this show, people.

Ronno2017 • 1 week ago

Your doing a great job, Max!

Ailani • 1 week ago

You do a great job voice- acting for Kion!

Sugar Cat • 1 week ago

I need answers! Is Janja Shenzi and Banzai’s cub? Will this be answered in the show? I hope he’s their cub!

Gianfranco Passafiume • 4 days ago

the sign on the ground thats scar eye

ecocat annabelle • 6 days ago

whoa. I can't believe that Scar even wants to use Reyrey's husband. he is sure to spill secrets.
+this is my face after the video (look up shocked bunny)

Alexandra Słomska • 6 days ago

hahaha,I like episodes with crocs. They are awesome. Yup, Rafiki will try to send Scar back, or maybe they will bring Mufasa?!

Jennifer Wright • 1 week ago

way to leave a cliff hanger till next episode haha!

Ali Grema • 1 week ago

scar should meet his family! and there should be lion king 3!

Ahadi • 2 days ago

There is a lion king 3

WentHulk • 1 week ago

Scar is far more dangerous than Azula.

KingofDragons • 1 week ago

you know whats going through my mind right now....BE PREPARED!!!! YEA WE'LL BE PREPARED....FOR WHAT




Kifo The Protector • 1 week ago

Why do I suddenly ship Reirei and Janja?

Cat Luvgirl45 • 1 week ago

Don't worry I ship them too. I even think that I was one of the very first ones that ship them.

pim jenkin's • 1 week ago

I know that pretty much everyone who is watching this loves scar, but janja will always be my favorite villain.

Cat Luvgirl45 • 6 days ago

I don't like Scar, I only like Janja as well.

Christina Dowling • 1 week ago

Wow when he meets his uncle scar that will be interesting, I wonder what Scar will say to him lol I hope Simba would be involved in that confrontation it would be epic

Ailani • 1 week ago

Ooh Kion and The Lion Guard are so close to finding out that Scar is back! I wonder how that’s gunna turn out! Kion nearly found out this time!

Guest • 1 week ago
Ailani • 1 week ago

What do you mean? Final episode of this season?

Cat Luvgirl45 • 6 days ago

This Is the final episode. Season 3 is coming out in March 15 2018.