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Season 2 Episode 13
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Zazu is taken by the hyenas!


Nathan Be • 1 year ago

"Taking over the Pride Lands will be a simple matter, even for you",

"Yeah, even for me",

Janja, I have no idea how it escaped your notice, but Scar basically just called you an idiot.

Joshua Crawford • 4 months ago

Just listen to Scar's first lines in Be Prepared

Kimberly TLK • 1 year ago

oh wow
Kion Zazu!
Fuli it's coming from the volcano
Zazu becaluse of the steam ahhhhhh
Bunga it sounds like he's flat

Mac Guy3135 • 1 year ago

Oh non bothair. What an excellent episode.

Pim Jenkin's • 1 year ago

How non foolish.

So, That's what Kion and Bunga looked like when they were young?

Pokemon pikachu • 2 weeks ago

this is the 2nd time zazu was trapped in a bone cage

FuliTheCheetah • 5 months ago

Aww, baby fuli is so cute!

erin dennis • 4 months ago

yeah she is and fast

Ruth Navarathna • 1 year ago

I miss the lion king , to tell you the truth I am going to be an artist for Cartoon for the lion king the cartoon name is the lion king it's has lot of episodes and in the lion king it's say that mufasa is dead but make it that mufasa is alive in the lion king episodes.

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

I like that they put in some scenes from the lion king

Handsome Jack • 1 year ago

Lion Guard: *Hears actual music and Singing

Kion: "Zazu!"

Fuley: "Sounds like it's coming from the volcano!"

Bunga: "Sounds like he's flat.

*Shattering noise*

Me: "Oh dear, seems the fourth wall has a slight crack."

Gillian Drown • 1 year ago

16:11 a couple scenes from The Lion King :3

Abgds Riham • 1 year ago

Don't you realize that Scar just called you dumb! ☺☻

Joshua Crawford • 4 months ago

Listen to Scar's first lines in Be Prepared

Adrian Iacc • 1 year ago

Oh really!

T.L.G • 1 year ago

4:08 baby Kion again says dadu and not zazu

JACKIE Lee Jones • 1 year ago

The Guard Saved Zazu From Janja Cheezi And Chungu And The Rest Of Their Clain!

TLG_Premiere • 1 year ago

Oh bothair.

What's your reaction.

Pim Jenkin's • 1 year ago

Janja is life.

Seth McDonell • 9 months ago

What does that mean?

Kat • 9 months ago

Means he’s a savage boiii

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