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S2 E13: The Morning Report

Zazu is taken by the hyenas!


Nathan Be • 2 weeks ago

"Taking over the Pride Lands will be a simple matter, even for you",

"Yeah, even for me",

Janja, I have no idea how it escaped your notice, but Scar basically just called you an idiot.

Mac Guy3135 • 2 weeks ago

Oh non bothair. What an excellent episode.

Pim Jenkin's • 1 week ago

How non foolish.

Abgds Riham • 3 days ago

Don't you realize that Scar just called you dumb! ☺☻

Adrian Iacc • 2 weeks ago

Oh really!

T.L.G • 2 weeks ago

4:08 baby Kion again says dadu and not zazu

JACKIE Lee Jones • 2 weeks ago

The Guard Saved Zazu From Janja Cheezi And Chungu And The Rest Of Their Clain!

TLG_Premiere • 2 weeks ago

Oh bothair.

What's your reaction.

Pim Jenkin's • 1 week ago

Janja is life.