Watch Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

S2 E12: Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

Bunga wants to give Timon and Pumbaa a real Christmas.


i love this lion guard episodes a lot expecally becaluse christmas is my most favorite holiday i really love christmas for me it is one of the best holidays ever

Andrew Jeffery • 11 months ago

You know I have a really good question to ask, Why does this Holiday have to exist in the world of the Lion King??!! It doesn't really make sense because if I recall correctly, There are no humans in the Lion King and the Lion King 2.

.*+Abigale+*. • 10 months ago

Actually, it makes sense because there are the reindeers, the FLYING reindeers, and they're animals so of course they know it and can tell it to other animals, and if you hear the song they sing, it doesn't really match to the original christmas carol either. So my theory is that the reindeers don't actually know what christmas is, but just witnessed it, so they made they're own animal parody of it.

Ben Tarr • 6 months ago

That's like asking why English exists if there are no humans to create it. Humans being there is irrelevant.

Andrew Jeffery • 6 months ago

That has nothing to do with the topic! I'm just saying Christmas has NO place in the Lion King universe.

Ben Tarr • 6 months ago

It's a holiday to celebrate family. There's no issue.

Genevieve Isabelle Galloway • 10 months ago

The reason why there is a Christmas special is because it was studio mandated. Studios do mandate certain things and when it comes to holiday specials they will mandate that a show has a Halloween and Christmas special. Halloween at least tv shows can make a spooky episode if Halloween doesn't exist in the show's world but it's Christmas the studio REALLY mandates. Gravity Falls had to fight tooth and nail with Disney to not have a Christmas special. Now, I don't know if the continent of Africa has a winter holiday in general because I know there are 73 to 75 winter holidays. If the continent of Africa does then I am not sure why the show didn't do that or alternatively make up a holiday similar to Christmas where it's just about the animals of the prideland being nicer to one another and share each other's food or something.

Mac Guy3135 • 1 year ago

Oh bothair.
Oh blast.

Moonflower • 1 year ago


TLG_Premiere • 1 year ago

Here we go :(

Oh bothair.
Oh blast.

We already know...

GalaxyKat85 • 1 year ago

Bunga is female confirmed.

for in real life right now for me 18 more days 'til christmas I can not wait for me it will always be my most favorite Holiday ever it will always be mine I loved it for years for me Christmas is The Greatest Holiday ever! https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Thunder • 10 months ago

this lion guard episode for sure made 1 of my most favorite episodes becaluse i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee christmas a whole lot it is my most favorite holiday :)

Jessica • 2 months ago

Question: Shouldn't Simba know about Christmas already since he lived with Timon and Pumbaa?

Vanilla • 9 months ago

Bunga is not a female

Handsome Jack • 10 months ago

Did they switch the voice actor for Bunga's singing? Or is it just the tone of voice?

T.L.G • 11 months ago

Bunga dabbed at 5:38

T.L.G • 11 months ago

The lion guard creator is here

T.L.G • 12 months ago

Mbeya at the end of the song in the tree LOL LOL he falls

T.L.G • 12 months ago

Bunga actually dabs very fast and he dabs 2 times second time is really fast

16Danielito • 11 months ago


T.L.G • 12 months ago

I love Simba lads

T.L.G • 12 months ago

I love that song the twelve ways of christmas

watchtlg • 1 year ago

If Christmas in this episode is a story told by Rafiki, then it means it was celebrated in the previous year (or earlier). However, the travelling baboon show has happened this year, so how can Fuli know the baboons from 11:23?

Neil Gogisetti • 10 months ago

ye but what if happened a week ago

T.L.G • 12 months ago

I know write add them in season 1 episode 3 bunga the wise or in season 1 at some point

Gage Richard Westerhouse • 12 months ago

No it doesn't mean it was last year. If you pay attention, and use your thinking part, you'll figure out that it takes place somewhere between 'The Traveling Baboon Show' and 'Rise of Scar'. There is clearly a time gap between Rafiki telling the story, and when the rest of the episode takes place.

Hayney • 1 year ago

No idea..

Hilkiah Urim Maguicay • 1 year ago

5:38 , Did Bunga just dabbed? :O :D

rebecca.roulett • 1 year ago

Everyone should love Christmas.I even watched a new Trolls called Trolls Holiday.It has appeared on Netflix already.

Jazlyn H. • 1 year ago

Hey guys do u think I should audition too be on the lion guard, if i do get the part, feel free to give some ideas for the episodes, so I can tell the crew and/or the director.

Paul S • 1 year ago

If it's something you want to do go for it and good luck.

Jazlyn H. • 1 year ago

Well thanks.

Janja • 1 year ago

Ughhhh I hate Christmas!
Bah Humbug!

Paul S • 1 year ago

I only focus on The birth of Christ Janja the holiday is mainly God sending his son to us to redeem us all and the world from sin. May almighty God bless us in the name of the Father the Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen

Janja • 1 year ago

Never heard of it,

Janja • 1 year ago

uhhh who is god?

Paul S • 1 year ago

In Christian faith God is the creator of life and our heavenly father he created the world in seven days. In the book of Genesis he created everything the land, sky, waters and the creatures of the land and sea, and lastly he created man in his own image. Janja if you want more search the Catholic religion. Also it's called Christianity.

alainsane • 1 year ago

Yes...and stealing content from Disney is exactly what God wants you to do.

Hayney • 1 year ago

It's not stealing, if Disney approves his movies/shows be uploaded on different sites or Youtube. He hasn't said we can't do that and if he would've been furious he would've taken it all down. But he hasn't #Rekt

Paul S • 1 year ago

Stealing is against the 10 Commandments, but I want to do that more than anything I want Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel free from Disney. God and religion forever!!

Gage Richard Westerhouse • 12 months ago

Thank you Paul S. for spreading your words and beliefs to people who never asked to hear it. Allahu Akbar ;)

Daniel Lausen • 6 months ago

Of course you do Janja 😆