Watch The Bite of Kenge

Season 2 Episode 11
The Bite of Kenge

A Monitor Lizard temporarily paralyzes the Lion Guard!


rebecca roulett • 1 year ago

The next episode of the lion guard will be the underground adventure,where the guard is trapped underground and kion spots a peach colored lion and gets a little love sick.

John Pass • 1 year ago

where did u see this video link??

agron989 • 1 year ago

where did you find that out?

watchtlg • 1 year ago

Next episode is called Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas and airs on December 8. The one you described will be later.

Sarah Thompson • 1 year ago

When will that episode be released?
It sounds good, especially the part where u mentioned that Kion has a love interest who is actually a lion.

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago

10 november

Sarah Thompson • 1 year ago

oh thanks!
OMG thats in 2 days!

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago

they didn't :( idk why

Sarah Thompson • 1 year ago

please wish me luck.

Sarah Thompson • 1 year ago

maybe they haven't chosen the right actor to voice "Kion's lioness".
or maybe disney has failed us all, thats it I will write a letter to disney studios, telling them that I would love to audition for being on the lion guard show (maybe I can get to be the peach lion) also the new character's name is Telza.

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago

If the don't put it today at 15, idk :(

Vegeta12345 • 1 year ago

I saw the episode synopsis your talking about, apparently that episode is like the 24 or 25th episode this season, so chance are we won't be seeing it for a while

Handsome Jack • 1 year ago

Guys....that's not a real episode, it's just an idea some fan made up, it was never real, you've been had.

TLG_Premiere • 1 year ago

What's your reaction

Replay in the comments.

I'm the first number one (We Are Number One)

AllMightyChaos • 2 weeks ago

one question, why fuli and kion is almost always close to each other?

Bartek Konieczny • 2 weeks ago

This is a deliberate act of the creators

AllMightyChaos • 1 week ago

kinda knew it... but that Fuli face xd kinda funny.. xd ... so supposed that means something also that fuli maybe have feelings for kion, hmm?

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Rani also conceals his true intentions towards Kion

marquinhos mendes • 1 year ago

Good episode. a honey badger vs a monitor lizard is a classic!

Wesley Williamson • 1 year ago

It is kinda good

Gianfranco Passafiume • 1 year ago

Love it

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago

Great episode :), as always.

WentHulk • 1 month ago

I gotta admit, Kenge does look pretty scary when he is angry.

Parrot • 1 year ago

Good thing the Roar didn't destroy the melons.

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

I think Scar is unimpressed by his allies' childish songs. He just wants to play along. They are all important pawns at the moment, but maybe he will eventually eliminate them!

JACKIE Lee Jones • 1 year ago

That's What You Get For Messing With The Lion Guard Hyenas And Kenge!

Jazlyn H. • 1 year ago

Hey guys do you think I should audition for the lion guard?

Kynisen • 1 year ago

I love this show lol

T.L.G • 1 year ago


Caleb Martin • 3 months ago


Batty Foox • 1 year ago

Dumb lion guard is mean to my husBAND WHAT THE F FUC K S T O P IT KION UR SO RUDE UHG

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago


Caleb Martin • 10 months ago

I am a christadelphian and may dos attack you.

Janja • 1 year ago

I was hoping for us to win.
The lion guard is constantly ruining all of my good plans, and I was pretty sure that this would work, but as always the lion guard screwed it up!
give us a plan. Also whoever agrees type Janja is cool.

JuliaG109 • 1 year ago

Janja, you should have smashed the melons while you had them.

Janja • 1 year ago

I never thought of that.
FURBRAINS! Why didn't you remind me to smash all of those melons!

FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

Janja is cool. (Also we know about your crush on jasiri. I ship you two)

Chungu • 1 year ago


Cheezi • 1 year ago


Kimberly TLK • 1 year ago

Janja you'll never win My brother Kion and his lion guard will protect the pridelands form you im my own lion charecter btw

Thunder • 1 year ago

Janja your plans will never work i am on my own lion charecter account in my imagination there are like 2 lion guard leaders i am future leader lion guard i used the roar before i use it for good just like Kion does me and my brother Kovu both want to protect the pridelands and the circle of life no bad outlanders will take over the pridelands the lion guard will protect the pridelands

rebecca roulett • 1 year ago

You will never win if you tried janja.Even though you planned for Kenge to bite the lion guard.

Janja • 1 year ago

Oh are you sure about that?
Just watch me.
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

john • 1 year ago

hey janja kill kiara

Janja • 1 year ago

Hey thats a great idea but i need a plan.

Paul S • 1 year ago

Hey Janja if you want my idea pick off each guard member one by one or cause a fire and incenerate the area, or just have us help you (give us a few M4 Assault Rifles and were good to go).

Chungu • 1 year ago

Whats an M4 Rifle?

Paul S • 1 year ago

Its a weapon we use in our military fires 30 shots and can fire another weapon we have:grenades. I'll tell you more if you want

Cheezi • 1 year ago

Yeah! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

Paul S • 1 year ago

Grenades are a handheld weapon, you hold it in your hand pull a safetsafety throw it at your target wait 2 seconds then .....BOOM!

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