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S2 E9: Rescue in the Outlands

Jasiri and two hyena cubs need help in the Outlands.


JuliaG109 • 5 months ago


renaud hobden • 6 days ago

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! JAAASIIIRIIII IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac Guy3135 • 5 months ago

How non foolish.

Moonflower • 3 months ago

Good foolish! :>

Iwarin Jones • 5 months ago

Does Janja likes Jasiri? Because the is song kinda hinting it...

Shichibi • 5 months ago

I know, right XD?
When I saw this song... he reminded me of those guys who just point out all the annoying things, but secretly loves the girl :P.

renaud hobden • 6 days ago

I think Janja have a love-hate relationship with Jasiri. Jasiri do not like Janja at all. She looks more in love with Kion. Do you have

notice the spot in heart form when Kion and Jasiri dance in the song? Janja is simpely jealous of Kion. And the spark of hearts it

between Kion and Jasiri. Janja "So I don't see Jasiri nowhere. That mean IIII Win!" and He laught.

Kat • 1 month ago

Janja is denying the very plain fact he has a crush on Jasiri even though he kicked her in a vent I donโ€™t think he would let her die. Janja x Jasiri forever! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Kat • 1 month ago

If you hate someone you donโ€™t use sparkles and hearts to describe them. Also am I the only one who noticed Janja blew off Kion when he and Jasiri were dancing. Janja probably has a massive crush on her and most certainly is denying it. So does Janja like Jasiri? ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

and you also don't use pretty colors Janja is for sure is really denying it that he got a crush on Jasiri :) lol

chichi hyena • 5 months ago

jasiri is back yay!!!!

ZeTaTheWildest • 5 months ago

I love these series :)

renaud hobden • 6 days ago

Me two ;)!

Examiner of Obvious Flaws • 5 months ago

Please tell me I am not the only one noticing the Janja Jasiri plot changing
1. The smile he gives at 4:44 when he calls her fearless
2. Calling her cute in his song and the colors and sparkles and flirty way he portrays Jasiri in his song make him look like denying a crush

Sabrina • 5 months ago

i thought the same way does Janja have a crush on Jasiri?

Shichibi • 5 months ago

Yep, I exactly saw it that way as well.
Especially when you compare this song to all his others... it is full of "happiness" and even compliments XD.

Panci7 aj • 1 day ago

guys im having trouble deciding which one to ship put ur pick as a reply
fuli x kion OR jasiri x kion

Panci7 aj • 1 day ago

y does u guys think janja likes jasiri? jasiri is a CHILD and janja is.. I think like a teenager or something

Kat • 5 days ago

Ok just a question who is ogopa?

renaud hobden • 6 days ago

Jasiri do not love Janja at all. Maybe Janja love her, but Jasiri don't like Janja face. Jasiri, I personnally think she in love with Kion. That is call

love triangle. (That is only in my opinion don't throw me rock or hate)

That are my Couple Lion Guard (Fan fiction)

Jasiri x Kion
Madoa x Janja
Kijana (OC) x Dogo
Laini x Beshte
Makini x Fuhara
Mpishi x Ono
Fuli x Badili
Muhimu and Dhahabu x Bunga
Ogopa and Reirei x Goigoi
Jasiri and Fuli x Kion
Muhimu x Ajabu


Jasiri x Janja
Jasiri x Dogo

Kat • 6 days ago

Jasiri also appears to be giving Janja a flirtatious wave. Maybe itโ€™s just me but is this dreamed up by Janja to to portray his crush?

Kat • 1 week ago

Janj and Jasiri would make a really cute couple.

oh wow i almost died of laugher when the Zebra says you want to know another fact about Zebra's
Fuli what that they can't stop talking and when he said what am i doing here what are you doing here shouldn't you be in the outlands on your rescue mission instead of here in the pridelands like oh wowwwwwwwwww lol and i always wanted to see a vent blow what's a vent that one Zebra is not too smart lol

Vanilla • 2 weeks ago

But when he try to get rid of her lion guard came janja was kinda saying cmon not you so yea

Vanilla • 2 weeks ago

Actually on 06:51 when scar said to get rid of jasiri janja acted strange so he might love her

Vanilla • 2 weeks ago

Ye i agree kat i saw it

.*+Abigale+*. • 3 weeks ago

Ok seriously if you hate Jasiri that much why would you explain or "sing" her with like some kind of heart land and even heart shadows and make that weird "smile" when you call her fearless at 04:44

Thunder • 1 month ago

i am on my own lion king account i have my own lion king name i made up myself it is Thuder also by the way in my imagination in the lion king and the lion guard i am the future leader of the lion guard i used the roar before and im useing it for good im trying to be good like Kion and the other pridelanders so you better watch out Janja! and other bad outlanders my charecter and my brother Kovu both want to care for the circle of life and the pridelands the lion guard will protect the pridelands i am on the side of the circle of life with my brother Kovu and friends Kion , Fuli Besthe , Bunga and others who care and protect the circle of life

.*+Abigale+*. • 3 weeks ago

Wow I'm not the only one, I have an "imaginary" character in the lion guard too like LOL what. Her name is Abigale and shes a pretty snow leopard princess. Shes the same age as the lion guard and are friends friends with them too. She always wears a velvet red flower crown. She also sings really well and comes to the pride lands alot. Shes a vegetarian as well, she eats plants only she doesn't eat meat, so shes basically a herbivore but she can still fight.

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 1 week ago

i also got a charecter of my own too it's a nice boy Hyena his name is Calvin he has sisters Jasiri and Madoa i care for the circle of life just like my sisters i am a good Hyena i am not like Janja and his clan im a good Hyena i have drawing on my computer i made of him https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Sharabi • 2 weeks ago

I do to her name is sharabi her real mother is shenzi but scar was nit her father but he abnobed her she is a pretty hyena she is evil but then she becomes friends with lion guard she fights really good

Sharabi (now ajani) • 2 weeks ago

Oops i mean her name ajani her name not sharabi

Scarlet • 2 weeks ago

I do to her name is scarlet she is a redish brown color lion she has a scratch on her back and she is REAL dagjter of scar she is evil she lives in shenzis home now beacuse shenzi is dead really guys cgeck a vid lion king familly tree really cool

Sharabi • 2 weeks ago

She is on bad side but then she becomes good

Pim Jenkin's • 1 month ago

Janja...more like Ben Swolo.

Alessandra Cavallino • 3 months ago

If you Janja's in love with jasiri Raise your hands

Peyton • 3 months ago

He is

Alessandra Cavallino • 4 months ago

I think janja's in love with jasiri

ecocat annabelle • 1 month ago

no he is not. he hates her and almost killed her!

Zuzanna Jodล‚owska • 5 months ago

When next episode?

SuperNOVAGamingTM • 5 months ago


Kifo The Protector • 5 months ago

I hope to see more of Jasiri, and WHEN IS KION GOING TO MEET SCAR!!!??????!!!!!!!
Also, did anyone knotice part of the extended lion guard theme song during the fight seen?

ecocat annabelle • 1 month ago

that happens in a lot of battles

Janja • 5 months ago

I personally love the new intro Scars introduction in it is awesome in it.

SuperNOVAGamingTM • 5 months ago

AGREED with both of you

Janja • 5 months ago

I really enjoyed this episode Love seeing Jasiri in episodes we need more and I hope we get more now that scar wants her gone for good


Dragoncat • 5 months ago

Trust me. It's just a matter of time before Jasiri finds out about Scar and warns the Lion Guard. But, chances are it won't be until the end of a season. Or two, depending on the writers.

Adrian Iacc • 5 months ago


Well i love this like...

agron989 • 5 months ago

awesome it was great seeing Jasiri Madoa and the cubs again in this season wander if were gonna see more of them

babeeweenee • 5 months ago