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S2 E9: Rescue in the Outlands

Jasiri and two hyena cubs need help in the Outlands.


JuliaG109 • 2 months ago


Mac Guy3135 • 2 months ago

How non foolish.

Moonflower • 6 days ago

Good foolish! :>

chichi hyena • 2 months ago

jasiri is back yay!!!!

ZeTaTheWildest • 2 months ago

I love these series :)

Iwarin Jones • 2 months ago

Does Janja likes Jasiri? Because the is song kinda hinting it...

Shichibi • 2 months ago

I know, right XD?
When I saw this song... he reminded me of those guys who just point out all the annoying things, but secretly loves the girl :P.

Alessandra Cavallino • 3 weeks ago

If you Janja's in love with jasiri Raise your hands

Peyton • 3 weeks ago

He is

Alessandra Cavallino • 1 month ago

I think janja's in love with jasiri

Zuzanna JodÅ‚owska • 2 months ago

When next episode?

SuperNOVAGamingTM • 2 months ago


Kifo The Protector • 2 months ago

I hope to see more of Jasiri, and WHEN IS KION GOING TO MEET SCAR!!!??????!!!!!!!
Also, did anyone knotice part of the extended lion guard theme song during the fight seen?

Janja • 2 months ago

I personally love the new intro Scars introduction in it is awesome in it.

SuperNOVAGamingTM • 2 months ago

AGREED with both of you

Janja • 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this episode Love seeing Jasiri in episodes we need more and I hope we get more now that scar wants her gone for good


Dragoncat • 2 months ago

Trust me. It's just a matter of time before Jasiri finds out about Scar and warns the Lion Guard. But, chances are it won't be until the end of a season. Or two, depending on the writers.

Adrian Iacc • 2 months ago


Well i love this like...

agron989 • 2 months ago

awesome it was great seeing Jasiri Madoa and the cubs again in this season wander if were gonna see more of them

babeeweenee • 2 months ago


Sarger • 2 months ago

I agree.

Examiner of Obvious Flaws • 2 months ago

Please tell me I am not the only one noticing the Janja Jasiri plot changing
1. The smile he gives at 4:44 when he calls her fearless
2. Calling her cute in his song and the colors and sparkles and flirty way he portrays Jasiri in his song make him look like denying a crush

Sabrina • 2 months ago

i thought the same way does Janja have a crush on Jasiri?

Shichibi • 2 months ago

Yep, I exactly saw it that way as well.
Especially when you compare this song to all his others... it is full of "happiness" and even compliments XD.