Watch Rafiki's New Neighbors

S2 E8: Rafiki's New Neighbors

A noisy bachelor herd moves in next door to Rafiki.


Janja • 1 year ago

Did they just kick out a bunch of kids for being annoying? Wow.

Samaiah Williamson-Sinclair • 7 months ago

makini: no my decora

rafiki:u wil find another staff another u can not be found

im just here like LOL

Christed Rupiya • 7 months ago


rubystars • 1 year ago

Rafiki's new neighbors has a great friendship lesson. Sometimes you just have to find your own tribe.

Jerrie Jaguar Lament • 1 year ago

whens the next episode anyone know

watchtlg • 1 year ago

Next is "Rescue in the Outlands", coming next Friday (September 29th)

Maisha TLK • 1 year ago

Does Kion not know that young males of many spieces have to leave their families? Bad for him xD

Caleb Martin • 2 weeks ago

At least kion is better than you.

Ben Tarr • 6 months ago

Not for antelope and monkeys, they need the safety of a herd, and not at that age.

Voice Actor Bobby G. • 1 year ago

Sweetness!! New episode! Lets watch this ! :P