Watch Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Season 2 Episode 6
Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

The Guard awakens hibernating crocodiles.


kingCreeper 9065 • 1 year ago

Yes I Have A Plan

Janja • 7 months ago

Enlighten us now

Liam Evans • 1 month ago

Yes I Have A Plan

Colby Blackmon • 9 months ago

Did y'all see scars face when Ushari said then we reptiles will rule the pride lands that was so funny

Katie • 12 months ago

got a quick question. is ono incapable of just saying 'yes'? XD this is for kids and I doubt they would know what 'affirmative' meant

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

That's like saying "why bother using Swahili?" It's just an opportunity to learn, and it suits his personality.

Colby Blackmon • 9 months ago

I know right

Gortex • 9 months ago

I knew what affirmative meant when I was 6 :T

Jeana Marie Pizzo Maggio • 10 months ago

I'm pretty sure the kids'll know what 'affirmative' means.

babeeweenee • 1 year ago


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