Watch The Rise of Scar

S2 E5: The Rise of Scar

Ushari seeks to contact a villain from the past: Scar!


Shichibi • 1 year ago

I love that intro so much <3

Andrew Jeffery • 3 months ago

32:15 Oh come on Simba!! Have some respect! I mean Rafiki served under both your father and your grandfather.

TheFireDragon • 6 months ago

Did You See Where Janja Just Left The Other Hyena At 04:18,Hilarious !!!

Eric Sanchez • 7 months ago

Bro rafiki is the only one that can stop a :0

JACKIE Lee Jones • 7 months ago

I can't believe this is Ushari and his skink minions for teaming up with the outlanders to help them.

Ashley Cushnie • 8 months ago

That's never get old 32:10 .

Michael Marchetti • 8 months ago

Yes yes now I hire it the water

Ben Caldwell • 8 months ago

It's war between the outlanders and the pridelanders.

Kat • 9 months ago

It almost sounded like they (the hyenas) said plenty of gas at 33:19.

Celina Zaida S. Agojo • 9 months ago

Simba death of Scar Final Battle of Lion King 1

Celina Zaida S. Agojo • 9 months ago

Lion Guard strike Kion dark thunder roar of the elders!

Scarlet • 9 months ago

Yea i agree what

Kat • 10 months ago

I always root for the villians; there’s only been one movie where I didn’t.

Kat • 10 months ago

Thunder I can’t believe you want to be good being a villain is much better. Anyway Janja is a lot better then the lion guard.

Pim Jenkin's • 10 months ago

I agree.

Caleb Martin • 2 weeks ago

I don"t. Both of you are wrong and need to shout your mouths.

Thunder • 10 months ago

well Kat for me i am always nice to everyone in real life and i got tons of friends i would always be good even in real life also my imanignation when i dream when im sleeping i am always good i feel that the best way to make good friends is being nice to everyone i am always being a good Teenager even in my high school and anywhere i go i love all good guys in shows and movies even super hero's

Oliver Emerson • 1 year ago

I can not believe that they actually put Scar in this.

Ashley Cushnie • 11 months ago

Your saying it a bad thing.

Janja • 1 year ago

Hyena's are not that bad at singing

Thunder • 10 months ago

well Janja i don't get why you and your clan just don't give up the lion guard will always stop the bad ones like Hyena's Vulture's , Jackal's any enemies and if anything i'll always try to help the pride lands in anyway i can along with my brother Kovu and my friends from the pridelands i use to live in the outlands with my bad mother Zira i like being a pride lander better ... lol i felt that i had to type this i have my own lion king name i made up myself it is Thuder also by the way in my imagination in the lion king and the lion guard i am the future leader of the lion guard i used the roar before and im useing it for good im trying to be good like Kion and the other pridelanders so you better watch out Janja!

GalaxyKat85 • 10 months ago

w h a t

Ben Tarr • 6 months ago

Hyenas, jackals, and vultures aren't naturally bad, it's just those individuals. All animals are amazing and beautiful.