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Season 2 Episode 4
Ono and the Egg

Ono becomes the protector of a cuckoo's egg.


Vanilla • 11 months ago

Why lion guard dont let mpishi eat kion and fuli hunt themselfs and they dont let others hunt like jakals or hyenas or vulture just curiose why this is a nonesensw

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

You can't just hunt in someone else's territory. That's the point of a territory.

lurker42 • 9 months ago

scumbag lionguard, pretend to uphold the circle of life, prevent circle of life from ACTUALLY happening...

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

No they don't. They're doing precisely that by stopping others using someone else's territory.

Arvie Tevin • 10 months ago

ikr its weird

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

You can't just hunt in someone else's territory. That's the point of a territory

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

I feel bad for Mpishi. if the lion guard wants to protect the circle of life then they need enough predators to balance the prey population!

Miguel • 1 year ago

I think it is more of trying to balance the predator/prey population already in the pride lands. Since usually when they boot out a predator, it is due to they not belonging in the pride lands. So bringing in predators from the outside world could cause an unbalance in the circle of life already established in the pride lands. So technically, I do believe they are still doing their jobs right.

Vanilla • 11 months ago

No why Did they send janja and jakals in outlands they did nothing just hunt so they are just banning animals for nothing so i think they are more like evil

Miguel • 11 months ago

I don't think that falls to the Lion Guard. Pretty sure it is Simba who decides what animals can and cannot be in the pridelands. And we do know that the hyenas were involved with Scar a lot, so that's probably why they got banned. But since the Lion Guard does serve Simba and the Pride Lands, it'd make sense for any animals that got banned by Simba to be booted out. Plain and simple there. Like when a person gets kicked out of a place and security keep an eye out to ensure they do not get back in.

ecocat annabelle • 10 months ago

But does Simba know about Jasiri? Not all the hyenas were involved. And the jackals are just trying to get food, as well as Mpishi.

Miguel • 10 months ago

I don't think the specifics matter honestly. Simba associates Hyenas with enemies who helped Scar take over the pridelands, and as such banned them in their entirety. Sure there are good Hyenas, but as far as Simba is concerned, they're still not welcome in the Pridelands. Same with the wolves of the Outlands and as for the jackals/mpishi, I believe that falls back to how when both parties first arrived they were disturbing the balance of the circle of life in the pridelands. And since they were a problem to the balance, the Lion Guard was right in booting both parties out. Later Simba banned the jackals as well when he saw how troublesome they were, so it all comes back full circle. It is a system that works I believe.

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

The specifics are simple. A lot of hyenas don't follow the Circle of Life, they hunt whatever and whenever they want. We saw what that does to an ecosystem in the Lion King. Simba is protecting the Circle of Life.

Many good hyenas have their own territory, like Jasiri.

Dralion97 • 9 months ago

The thing we also need to remember is that kids are the target audience. Yes, it is very much maintaining the balance but the show also needs the heroes to win

Miguel • 9 months ago

Sure, but just saying the heroes always have to win without going further in-depth is boring! I like looking into the specifics of things and why they are the way they are! And from what i've pointed out above, whether they do it intentionally or not, the system they have does work. Which is the part I enjoy - finding the details behind the actions that are taken once questioned.

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

She has her own territory. That's why she initially helped Kion in Never Judge a Hyena By Its Spots, she wanted a foreign predator out of her territory.

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

Because it's not their territory. You can't have an infinite number of predators in one location. Also, they're kicked out for not following the Circle of Life. They hunt whatever they want, whenever they want, instead of killing just what they need to survive.

Ben Tarr • 9 months ago

You can't just hunt in someone else's territory. That's the point of a territory.

I still really love the lion guard I even love rewatching the episodes I am rewatching all of the episodes oh boy I'm really excited now that I got done with this episode next Part is The lion guard The rise of Scar Oh boy a really big Top favorite villian has still always been a villian that is always a big favorite of mine.

Ruth Navarathna • 9 months ago

NOW that was nice

9puppys • 9 months ago

Ona is adorable ( o 3 o )

Cytix Artz And Games • 1 year ago

I love the lion guard episodes
This one is really amazing i hope there might be season 3 too
Soon i hope it will come :3

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