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Season 2 Episode 3
The Traveling Baboon Show

A baboon comedy troupe comes to the Pride Lands.


Queen • 11 months ago

Did you know why janja cheesy and chungo was sent to the outlands there mothers were with scar they couleve killed simba shenzis clan was scars friends

Queen • 11 months ago

They do if they qont be agresive and be pets

ecocat annabelle • 11 months ago

they are rather entertaining, but did they have to turn bad? BETRAYAL!

Kat • 1 year ago

I don’t know the hyenas covered in mud joke was funny because it’s true.

ecocat annabelle • 11 months ago

I guess so, but hyenas take a bath? I don't get it.

Caleb Martin • 2 months ago

Will you ever shout your mouth. Silence!!

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