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Season 2 Episode 1
Babysitter Bunga

Bunga is put in charge of several young Pride Landers.


.*+Abigale+*. • 1 year ago

Hamu: Your It!
It: Did someone call me?

Nail • 1 year ago

Have you seen the Little guy?
What you can say about that episode?

Diana Law • 1 year ago


.*+Abigale+*. • 1 year ago

Lol what

FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago

Bunga always annoyed me. Even before I was in the Lion Guard, he annoyed me. He's a good friend, but just a little annoying. Actually a LOT annoying.

Jose Salinas • 1 year ago


biggest fan • 6 months ago

you can pick Awesome! or Awesome! which one

Jessica • 1 year ago

Why didn't Kion practice climbing while everyone else did (and got hurt trying)

biggest fan • 6 months ago

because hes the leader egg head

FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago

You know, there was one little detail they cut from this episode. While Bunga was off doing whatever, Kion told me to try and climb a nearby tree to get a little fruit at the top. Somehow I agreed, but my claws got stuck in the bark! Nobody could get up to me and get me down, so we had to wait for Bunga to get back so he could come and pry me off. When he did, though, the bark I was stuck to came with me, and I slid down a hill into a river on it. The editor cut that out though, for reasons I cannot explain.

Ben Caldwell • 1 year ago

Is Muhimu going to be in the next episode.

Lindsey Jones • 1 year ago


Serena E • 1 year ago

09:57 he's actually healthier than I thought!

Panci7 aj • 1 year ago

you know, i kinda thought he was going to babysit the jackels

Ben Caldwell • 1 year ago

It's awsome that they are making another season.

Ben Caldwell • 1 year ago

I just like the parents are having a spa but in the pride lands.

Cytix Artz And Games • 2 years ago

Agreed id surely want to do that :33

Cytix Artz And Games • 2 years ago


rebecca roulett • 2 years ago

If i was in the episode i would be babysitted by bunga

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