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Season 2 Episode 2
The Savannah Summit

Simba and the Lion Guard prepare for the dry season.


chelseaking • 1 year ago

i love the lion gaurd i hope they do a season 3

Ajani • 1 year ago

They will there will be a new charecter rani she is a lion

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

ik and she's color is darker then everyone else

Nico Rozner • 2 months ago

They should put in another cheetah character since fuli is really all we have right now. Maybe fuli's evil twin sister? Same with honey badgers.

Samie • 7 months ago

I hope she is a good or bad guy maybe a little love story included or not

Kat • 7 months ago

I think she is good just check the lion guard wiki if you want to be sure.

Ben Caldwell • 5 months ago

I like this episode.

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