Watch The Trail to Udugu

Season 1 Episode 23
The Trail to Udugu

Simba is left in charge of the Lion Guard.


wangwang • 2 months ago

kion is great

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

Simba. Leading the Lion Guard. This is going to be... interesting.

KyubbiGirl29 • 2 weeks ago

How does Simba know about Udugu if he didn’t have a sibling?

Kayden • 3 months ago

i don't get it and i'm not gonna hold on what i did learn then i will not always have udugu at all

Kayden • 3 months ago

and that's a dupiest suprise ever can't seeved

FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

No, actually just watch that whole scene. Its all pretty funny.

FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

Also, watch what happens at 19:17 thru 19:23.

FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

Watch everyone's facial expressions at 9:24, its hillarious!

FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

Bunga has a weird idea of what the king's life is like.

Simba • 11 months ago


Ryan Perez • 1 year ago

On 5:15, Bunga looks like Albert Einstein.

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

But who is Nala brother or sister that why I made my Oc to be her brother Lol this what he's look like he has a magic so he always look a kid cause he's special memories is still there

Queen • 1 year ago

And what

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