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Season 1 Episode 21
Never Roar Again

Kion vows to never use the Roar again.


Mac Guy3135 • 2 years ago

I agree.

TheFireDragon • 1 year ago

Makuu Judges To Easily,I Hate Him For Saying Kion Is A Coward,He Just Doesn`t Wanna Be Scar

Jessica • 1 year ago

You took the words out of my mouth

JustMe@Disqus • 3 months ago

Bunga wants Ono to be like...

FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago

I keep telling Makuu, we don't need the Roar to be a good Lion Guard! More specifically, I can actually do stuff and I don't need Kion to do everything for me! Please stop the femminism!

Ecocat Annabelle • 8 months ago

Wouldn't Ono find it difficult to steer without tail feathers?

JhorseyPuma • 1 year ago

You could actually see the lions of the past "running" back towards them when the roar bounces back.

Lol Bunga pretends to be a barber

Jessica • 1 year ago


Resident evil • 4 months ago

they of you have sen TRIUMPH OF THE ROAR and mute end of this ep and tack on song power of the roar when kion use the roar its so nice

Resident evil • 4 months ago

20:36 power of the Roar s1 versjon

Ecocat Annabelle • 5 months ago

Kion uses The Roar at least once in every episode...

Resident evil • 7 months ago

Bunga sing to ono if buanga song of about how if now in the Earth People be bullied because how you How to dress like if If you think that's right what I'm writing is right

FuliTheCheetah • 7 months ago

Later on in the episode, Fuli gets herself and the others into a TON of trouble by just going in to try and take out makuu and company, she and kion should really have had a dialogue about it. Although I kinda understand why she would do that, after makuu said the lion guard couldn't defeat him without kion, Fuli probably took that a bit personally. I think she is a really interesting character, but is just a tiny bit flawed in some areas.

FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago

Just so you know, I made this comment before I figured out how to change my username and profile picture, so that's why it seems like i'm referring to myself in the third person.

Brett Thompson • 9 months ago

In this episode the Hyenas aren't in the wrong. They have to eat too, and the Lion Guard chased them off for being hungry. If I was in Janja's Clan I'd wanna go back for the kill as well. The double standard is unbearable.

Ecocat Annabelle • 8 months ago

It's kind of annoying when predators are stopped from hunting because it's the circle of life, which is the entire motto of the show.
Stopping them also tends to paint them as scavengers, when they actually hunt more than lions.
Or maybe the fact that Janja isnt wanted in the Pridea Lands comes from a political standpiont. Most of the hyenas supported Scar, so they wouldn't be wanted in the Kingdom.

why does janja laugh so loud like bruh

Ajani • 1 year ago

I thought what if like somone bad had the rour they can use it to rour at good right

.*+Abigale+*. • 1 year ago

Wait a minute, at 21:37 Ono has his tail feathers but at 21:50 he doesn't. Like what?!

Thunder • 1 year ago

if i was in this and had the roar i would not want to use it expecally after almost hurting my own mom or any other family member in my family and i thought that part was funny of what Uno says when Besthe says nah your head looks more like a hippo rear and Uno says my head looks like a hippo's bottom that's something to clelebrate LOL

.*+Abigale+*. • 1 year ago

Its "especially" not "expecally" and its not Uno its Ono the bird's name is Ono


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