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Season 1 Episode 20
Lions of the Outlands

Jasiri, the good hyena, asks the Guard for help.


Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 11 months ago

i got my own Charecter his name is Calvin he is a nice hyena just like his Sisters Jasiri and Madoa i am a good hyena i care for the circle of life i am not like Janja and his clan i'm friends with the lion guard

I got a charecter of my own as well mine is Kira she is a good Lioness she loves her adopitve parents that took her in out from her origingal parents hands from when she was a cub her new mom Tempest Shadow and Dad Kevin Pridelander are the parents that adopted her from the other parents that have abused her Kira is with better parents now for my charecter she got a mate a good Rouge Lion named Koda that she is in love with she loves him very much. she also loves all of her family and friends very much She loves the kids she had with Koda their Daughter Emily and Son Jake. Kira she is an only child but she looks up to her good hyena friends Jasiri and Madoa as sisters they all get along very great and feel like sisters. she cares for anyone always goes to be nice to everyone. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

JhorseyPuma • 2 months ago

Well I guess I kinda have a character although she isn't main or anything. Destiny, a peregrine falcon from another world(a world in a book :) and she can actually travel through worlds and also shape shift, so she comes to "the world of lion king," and turns into a lion and kinda tags along in the stories. (If you want to know, the book I randomly made her from is actually about owls; Guardians of Ga'hoole.

Arvie Tevin • 10 months ago

I have my own character called Arvie like my real name im the brother of nala
and the leader of the lion guard after scar/Taka

Joshua Soreo Vlogs • 10 months ago

hello cool nice charecter name here is a drawing of my charecter i did i like to show my drawings https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Arvie Tevin • 8 months ago

I can show you my drawing but kinda kion tho cause I not great for drawing my own Idea

this episode I love it is great The lion guard is awesome I really love it. especally cause it got Jasiri she is a big top favorite charecter of mine I really like that charecter.

Jazzy • 11 months ago

U know in lion king 2 simba daughter fell in love with kouvu and kouvu fell in love with simbas daughter well kouvo was scars son and Cara I think was simbas daughter and scar and simba were brothers so basically they were cousins I think

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 10 months ago

Kovu s father is unknown. He isn’t biologically related to scar

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 10 months ago

That was said many times in the film

renaud hobden • 11 months ago

(I'am sorry if my text have errors like grammatical or ortographics, you know what I mean, that's my favorite TLK theory)

Kovu is not the real son of Scar (that is a fact in the TLK 2), but is adoptive son's just like Zira is not the biological mother's of any

cubs, like Vitani isn't Zira daughter and Nuka isn't Zira son's (Nuka and Vitani are half-sibling, Tama x Malka = Nuka, Tojo x Tama =

Vitani). Kovu is the sons of Chumvi and Kula. Zira is suppose to be infertile, that mean she cannot have cubs. Scar and Zira become

mate when Nala flee the Prideland. Zira adopt Nuka because Scar kill Nuka father's and Nuka's mother was force to leave her son to

the other lioness. Later, Zira kill Kovu mother's and Vitani mother's. The fathers of both lion cubs die during scar reign, one die in a

accident (Tojo fall in a cliff). and Kovu's father die trying to protect his wife (Kula who cover Nala's escape) against Zira , Zira's lioness

and Scar. After the death's of Scar, Zira still be a Pridelander. She's exile because she kill Kopa (Simba's son) and attack the Lion

King. Kiara born's shortly after Kopa, and Kion born one are two years later.

Andrew Jeffery • 11 months ago

Kovu isn't Scar's son.

Arvie Tevin • 10 months ago

you think i dont know ?
btw shes name is kiara

Ajani • 11 months ago

Simba dident kill scar...

Janjas mom did...

I have tottal proof
When scar was on the pride rock holding with one hand simba asked are those hyenas your friends scar said jo beavuse he new then simba will push him to the end were was fire so he lied and said no shenzi and her clan was angry on scar then simba took scar out and then hyenas started attaking him and killed him so yea

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 10 months ago

We know

Arvie Tevin • 10 months ago


renaud hobden • 11 months ago

In fact, the Lion King have to end: one where Simba push Scar and be killed by his formerly hyenas allies (in the movie) T

he second one was animeted but judge too violent. In fact, Simba push Scar like the first version, but Scar burn alive, than Simba

grab the throat of his uncle/real father (note, that is from a African friend, don't judge, but it not a African Hamlet, the story was not

write before the Writting was introduct by for by Europeans on this part of Africa), sorry I loosing in detail, well Simba

grab on the throat of his enemy and throw Scar in the fire storm. It the real version

In the African Myth, Simba was Scar's son, and Mufasa is infertile (that mean He cannot have any cubs, He

choose Sarabi, Scar's Wife, make him piss off, and it was why Scar want orignally kill Mufasa and reclame his love, but he lose

everything and let his anger and hate grow in him. Even if Simba was Scar's son, he look pretty much like his adoptive's father.

.*+Abigale+*. • 12 months ago

Lol I made a meme

Kion: Zira, I DO have something to say!

Ajani • 11 months ago

Lol i made a meme to

Beshtie: bunga i think somone would find us
Bunga: no if i cant see anyone how could they see me
Beshtie: ok i will dont look at them too lol

.*+Abigale+*. • 1 year ago

Wow idk why but "Lions Over All" (Zira's song) is SO catchy omg

JhorseyPuma • 2 months ago


agron989 • 4 weeks ago

does anyone think these characters will ever return on the lion guard episodes?

Kat • 4 weeks ago

I sure hope so! I liked Zira she was a boss

agron989 • 4 weeks ago

she sure is.

Ryan Perez • 6 months ago

It's nice to hear Lacey Chabert's voice as Vitani but I wish they gave her more lines since she had four scenes.

Andreina Cummings • 7 months ago

Best episode ever I hope to see zira and her kids and the rest of her pride again.

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 10 months ago

3:23 there is another friendly hyena besides jasiri madoa and the cubs

Casey • 11 months ago

Also simbas furst son was kopa then when he was a cub he heard a sound and went on it he was in love with vitani kovus sister and zira dident like that zira killed kopa evryone thought he was dead but then he woke up zira just pit him in another place and scratechd him so he was just sleeping then he went to his father and vitani and watch a vid called kopas story REAL

renaud hobden • 11 months ago

Vitani is not the real sister of Kovu! Zira cannot have any cubs, she's touche by infertility. She's murder Vitani and Kovu reals mothers.

Andrew Jeffery • 6 months ago

That's just a fan theory. NOT canon.

Kat • 1 year ago

But it is a good song from a villians point of view

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

I agree with Kion. Zira is wrong for believing ''lions over all''. Every animal has its place in life.

Casey • 11 months ago

Yea but hyenas laugh the loudest and the creepyest lol thats true like hyenas in real life lol

Kat • 1 year ago

Lions over all is so catchy!

Amin Nasser • 1 year ago

I Like Zira and Scar, both all about Darkness, Evil, Cruel, Heartless, Hate, Sarcastic, Ruthless, i hope Lion Guard is doing more Zira and Scar something so Powerful that makes Pride Land animals feel fear and despair.

Tiara • 11 months ago

Scars real name is taka he became evil beacuse his father spent lot of time with his brother mufasa not him and he chose him to be the king like i mean mufasa he got his thing on the eye beacuse once when mufasa and scar was teenagers scar sent a snake on mufasa and his father scrateched him also watch a vid called lion king family tree it explaines evrhything

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