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S1 E18: Baboons!

Fuli returns a baby baboon to its mother.


Janja • 1 year ago

Am I the only one who finds those other two Lioness cubs annoying. besides them this is a great episode.

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago

Not the only one...

JohnBoi175 • 11 months ago

excruciatingly annoying!

deddcgy • 5 months ago

I do believe they are annoying

Jessica • 1 month ago

no u not the only one Janja

LightningJakeNC jake • 2 months ago


Zani • 3 weeks ago

wow fuli said baboons lots of times in this episode

Zani • 3 weeks ago

some people hate kion and i just dont understand why.

Janja • 3 months ago

There is two Janjas cool

Janja • 3 months ago

I also find them annoying

Janja • 4 months ago

Indeed Janja bro

Kat • 6 months ago

Lucky me! I feel you Fuli I’ve said that when dealing with little kids. I’m not a fan so yeah.

ecocat annabelle • 7 months ago

Fuli's song was really good, anyone agree?

Katie • 8 months ago

Does anyone else think that at the very end of the ending song the look out hear comes the lion guard sounds like Janja and his clan?

Cytix Artz And Games • 10 months ago

Yeah those two lioness cubs are sooo anoying -_- (I Really am exausted of hearing those cubs speak ----_________----)