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Season 3 Episode 15
Long Live the Queen

Rani worries she isn't ready to become queen.


Blue Shadow • 4 months ago

The Kion X Rani movements ae so cute

Pan_Girl 17 • 4 months ago

Omg I can't believe I am 18 years old watching a kids show, and I actually cried.

Kion_Lover • 4 months ago

I am 35 years old and watching the show.

Troy Rogue Lion • 4 months ago

now Sisi Ni Sawa we're the same you're also 18 wow and I also cried yet Disney is still very great at bringing emotions to me I grew up the most with The Lion King and anything Disney I'm obsessed with this show and I cried at the sad part it's sad though I'm happy that Kion was there for Rani I still really Ship Kion X Rani!

Pan_Girl 17 • 4 months ago

Yeah, Disney does bring a lot of emotions. Also I do ship them too, they're a ship in this show I can actually agree with.

Myuna_Moon • 4 months ago

Don't worry, I am 24 and obsessed with it, and I too cried.

Yes in The Lion Guard are so powerful feelings.

Mr. Smith 222 • 4 months ago

I'm only 17 Years old and I've been watching this on the (2) Train in New York City

Mooskii • 4 months ago

Sisi ni sawa, only I'm a year younger.

Emilio • 4 months ago

2019 - 2019

Mlppokemonlover • 4 months ago

I know right, that was so sad, and to think this is the first time ever in the Lion Guard series that a characters had died on screen instead of off screen.

Emilio • 4 months ago

I know.

Robbie Morgan • 4 months ago

Ushari died on screen in the first episode of season three

Mooskii • 4 months ago

Technically he did, yes, but his *death* wasn't shown on screen, only him falling into the smoke covering the lava. Janna straight up passed away on-screen.

Emilio • 4 months ago


Bunga • 4 months ago

Is that Kiara on your profile pic?

Brandon Mueller • 4 months ago

From LK2 that's her :) Not the Lion Guard character model.

Bilbo Cattings • 4 months ago

I read the warning and was like, oh no....
Not again.

Benjamin Yn • 4 months ago

Should have thurston came in and read this

Brandon Mueller • 4 months ago

I thought there was going to be a hunting scene. There needs to be some of those.

Jason See • 4 months ago


TTB-Kun • 4 months ago

keep watching then

Zander Storey • 4 months ago

Kion and Rani are perfect for each other

Kervin • 4 months ago

First of all just like the warning scene it was so intense! I was so in this episode also It's really really sad that I can't believe this is the 1st Disney Junior death scene that I saw onscreen!


OMG!!!! at 9:20

Ruth Navarathne • 4 months ago

Poor Rani 😭

Bill Flanigan • 4 months ago

Janna kion will never forget you

Ana Matic • 4 months ago

Oh look, a good royal uncle in the Lion King franchise!

Janja • 4 months ago

Who put onions on my desk..

Ecocat Annabelle • 4 months ago

I wonder what predators eat at the Tree of Life. They're not allowed to harm anyone, so they can't hunt!
In reality, the tigers respecting the Circle of Life would mean eating the muskdeer!

Brandon Mueller • 4 months ago

Respect the Circle of Life means yes, just not be wasteful. Take only what is needed.

Affaan Fakih • 4 months ago

Btw in Hindi Rani means Queen
Just saying

Blue Shadow • 4 months ago

At first I wasn't with the RaniXKion but now i change my mind

isabella taitimu-kidd • 4 months ago

this is so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so sorry rani

Bunga • 4 months ago


mr kion • 4 months ago

I cant belive it kion was actualy crying . and it is beautifull I was almost crying.

wathog01 • 4 months ago

The actress of Janna, Shohreh Aghdashloo, has such deep and calm voice that echos through your soul. I've remembered seeing her on Star Trek Beyond as Commodore Paris, though with a few lines, her words spoke with such wisdom and made me reflect myself from time to time since then. Hearing her voice as such a character in the Lion Guard is such a bless to me and Queen Janna will always be remembered as a beloved and wise Grandma for all.

Ana Matic • 4 months ago

Nice parental advisory. Pity they didn't have that at the beginning of the episode where one of Ma Tembo's herd died.

John Aldridge • 4 months ago

I think it is because the actual death didn't occur on screen (it was only referenced), and although it was still quite emotional, it wasn't necessarily emotionally intense, whereas in this scene there was a significant focus on the lingering upset that death can bring.

Fernanda • 4 months ago

Please, say me, it isn't the end

Fernanda • 4 months ago

This is the end???? Please sua no

lion guard lover • 4 months ago

one i ship it rion forever! and two WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Aquaria Anahita • 4 months ago

I think its a good thing that they delve into the truth and inevitability of death and help children understand how to cope

Blue • 4 months ago

This was the saddest episode I ever saw. Mader cry 😢

katedh8888 • 4 months ago

i think its nice how they used a refernce from the movie when scar says long live the king or it seems like its a reference

Chaos • 4 months ago

Okay but like... Queen Jana wanted Kion to stay and become a part of the night pride? I'm guessing she foretold Kion and Rani possibly getting together in the future? But he didn't gain the mark because he is the leader of the Lion Guard and has that mark? Isn't it sort of unfair to put that concept onto him while she dying? Does Kion now have a faint Night Pride mark that could become solidified if him and Rani got together? But his duty to the Pridelands may stop him from staying and cause conflict, especially if he got feeling for Rani...

Blue Shadow • 4 months ago

I love how makini was humming wisdom on the walls

Steven Villman • 4 months ago

...and that Rani – as well as myself – thought that an intruder (most likely Mama Binturong, as it was a female humming voice) was hiding behind the tall grass/bushes in the Tree of Life's cave!

Chaos • 4 months ago

That warning tho, along with the title of the episode... I felt that.

ItsRyanYT • 4 months ago

Poor Rani. Never thought to see her cry, she seems so strong-willed. At least Kion comfort her.

so strong moment

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