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Season 3 Episode 18
Journey to the Pride Lands

Kion uses the Roar to help the Lion Guard return home.


Fathan • 2 months ago

This can't stop now! We need a season 4 ! Who's with me lion guards ?

Cean Tam • 2 months ago

I am with you buddy!

Anthony • 2 months ago

I agree we need season 4

Absolutely, the Night Pride is amazing.

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 2 months ago

I'm with you 100%

Tiger • 1 month ago

Maybe it can't have season 4 because the show is namedThe Lion Guard And now they are in th night pride, so there's no more Lion guard and if it continues the show's name won't make sense but maybe they can do something about it

ghostlydragon • 1 month ago

Totally agree. I want to see more of the Night Pride and more of how Kiara and Kovu take care of the Pridelands. I just hope they get bigger if that is done, at least Kiara and Kovu should be grown by now and Kion and Rani are supposed to be adolescents.

WentHulk • 1 month ago

Kovu and Kiara aren't that much older than Kion and Rani.

divu kaur • 2 months ago

season 4 OR a new sequel show entirely extending this story

Jack Ramsden • 2 months ago


Mihawk • 2 months ago

I am But its true its the Last season

Ruth Navarathne • 2 months ago


FuliTheCheetah • 2 months ago

Season 4! Season 4! Season 4! Yeah!

ItzTomiHD • 2 months ago


Polish Jerry • 2 months ago

Not entirely but here's my idea: The thing is that could be making a movie. Or that they are making a more adolescent version of The Lion Guard, meant for older viewers because Kion is now married with Rani. Also the ending makes absolutely no sense AT ALL! An ending is supposed to wrap up all that has been going on. This ending doesn't feel conclusive, it feels as if something new is beginning. Like a new spin-off (as I previously mentioned). They could call it "The Night Pride" or "Adventures in The Tree of Life". Another aspect/version of this (to make it more understandable) that makes no sense is the marriage. Kion and Rani agree to rule The Tree of Life together and get married then BOOM. The entire series ends. (Me inside my brain: Excuse me, WTF!, this makes no sense!!!)

Who knows?

In my opinion I find my ideas the most logical with also pleasing the fans :)

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

But... "The Lion Guard" was my first love! My favorite television program that I loved since SEASON 1!!! They can't change it! "The Night Pride" doesn't have the same ring to it!

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago

(no offence) So you would want Kion to leave Rani and go back to the Pride Lands, kick Vitani out even though he gave her and her guard the mark, and get the mark back. I don't think that's how it works.
Also I don't know that they are going to name the new series. This is just a fan made guess.

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

I was thinking more like...
Following the mysterious assassination of Simba, the pridelands fall into anarchy and disorder, and the remnants of the old monarchy adopt a more brutal approach to foregin policy, COMMITTING GENOCIDE AGAINST THE OUTLANDERS!! And the Lion Guard are more... different now. Beshte is a party animal (Pun intended) Bunga is having an "affair" with Binga, Ono is now a logistics officer for the Night Pride, Kion is constantly sucking up to Rani and abusing the Roar to impress her, and Fuli dumps Azaad (they had a fight over having kids) and she leaves the Tree of Life to go on an adventure, because we just don't have enough of that already.

Brandon Mueller • 1 month ago

That doesn't sound like a good story at all. Disney should bring Kopa back into the story who seeks healing at the tree of like.

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

Nah, I like my version better.

Alex Dowie • 2 weeks ago

Your version is a bit grim

Alex Dowie • 1 month ago

Wai wait wait how in the pridelands do you type with paws because those are some super natural talents!

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

Grit, pain and lots of frustration.

Alex Dowie • 1 month ago

Sounds unpleasant

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

So you're telling me.

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago

wow thats... interesting.
And when does Simba get assassinated and how?

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

As I said, mysterious circumstances. But all I will say is that it was done by an outside force, not pridelands, outlands, backlands, tree of life, or any other currently known force. Mysterious, huh?

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago

wow yeah it is, I can't wait to read it. When will it be released?

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

Sometime around Christmas, hopefully. But delays may occur, and I am still waiting on several things, editing and i'm only at chapter 12 right now. So sit tight, okay? On a side note, i'd describe the series as "Narnia" crossed with "Tomb Raider." So if you're into action/adventure novels, as well as The Lion Guard, I would recommend this book series.

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago

Can't wait!
I love your ideas!

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

If you're seeing a different username or profile picture now, it's because I finally figured out how to edit my Disqus profile. There we go! Look at that awesome profile picture!

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago


Bartek Konieczny • 1 month ago

Disney himself said there is a chance for a new season with fan support, not to mention anything about the new series, so they are not going to continue the relationship between Kion and Rani, and Disney's night pride has other plans for the fourth season, is not surprised because he showed us this series in which you paid too much attention to the relationship between Kion and Rani, and you didn't look at her closely before you came to the conclusion

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago

Disney is dead soooo... And where is your proof of this?
Just asking for a friend...

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

In my Wattpad fanfiction trilogy, Fuli dumps Azaad and leaves the tree of life to go adventuring. Some more crazy stuff happens, but you'll have to wait until December, when the first book, The Lion Guard: Bad Blood comes out to read more.

Polish Jerry • 1 month ago

I like the title.

You should name the next books like 'The Lion Guard: In The Dark' or The Lion Guard: Evil Whispers

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

I'm thinking more like "The Lion Guard: Venture To Discover," or maybe "The Lion Guard: From The Ashes."

eve pearson • 2 months ago


Shaolin Prime • 2 months ago

I'm with you! "The Adventures of the Tree of Life" here we come!

FuliTheCheetah • 1 month ago

In my Wattpad fanfiction novel trilogy, Fuli has an evil twin sibling and Azaad dumps her. Also the former lion guard have all gone their separate ways and Fuli is the main protagonist. First book comes out in December!

Alex Dowie • 1 month ago

Sounds good I will read it

Ross • 2 months ago

Kions voice did a total 360 turn when he started singing

I agree with you for a moment I was thinking he was the singer Beau Black

Joshua Crawford • 1 month ago

I think they had to change because Max Charles' voice was cracking too much and didn't sound or something of the like. Otherwise, I see no reason why he couldn't have sang

Andrew Horne • 1 month ago

You're right. It's Aaron Daniel Jacob who provided the singing voice, and not Max Charles.

Anastasia Shirchenko • 1 month ago

It really caught me off guard.

Ono • 2 months ago

That was actually Azaad who sang that! Common knowledge, really?

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 2 months ago

I really love this ship let's go Kion x Rani a big favorite of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fathan • 2 months ago

Agreed ! And Fuli with Azaad...Beshte and Anga hasn't have a destinied couple yet

Anime Master • 2 months ago

Anya does hadidthi

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