Watch The River of Patience

Season 3 Episode 12
The River of Patience

Kion must learn focus and patience while he heals.


Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 2 weeks ago

I knew it predicted it I was one of them who did and first comment for this awesome episode! Mamma Bintrung was going to team up with the bad guys.

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

U can say that again 😟

Benjamin Yn • 2 weeks ago

Me too

Ana Matic • 1 week ago

Anyone recognize the language the Night Pride is speaking when they give their catchphrases? It's likely Hindi, but it could be one of numerous languages in India.

Ali • 1 week ago

It's mostly hindi

Saifan • 1 week ago

Yes u are right her name is also India [RANI]it means queen

Steven Villman • 1 week ago

...which means that the Night Pride are Asian lions and lionesses!

JhorseyPuma • 18 hours ago

I assume most of the catch phrases are Hindi, but I do recognize Rani as meaning Queen in Tamil(my parents’ language). It’s one of the around 200 languages in India.

WentHulk • 2 days ago

Yeah the names of the Night Pride are Hindi so they are more likely Asiatic Lions. Also known as Indian or Persian Lions.

simba wayne • 1 week ago


WentHulk • 1 day ago

"Remember me? And my stink?" Hahaha. Oh Bunga.

WentHulk • 2 days ago

Good to see that the 'take only what you need' rule in the Pridelands applies to the Tree of Life.

Rose Garden • 1 week ago

Rani’s singing voice sounds like Kiara(probably spelled wrong)

Lalu • 1 week ago

Did anyone notice that in season 3 ep 12 lion was wet and turned dry by standing on the log crying time : 16.33/34 A.K.A 16 minutes and around 33,34 seconds

Brandon Mueller • 1 week ago

Did anyone else notice at E12 : 6:29 It looks like Rani had just recently went hunting before the "Welcome" song :) Most animals are safe at the Tree of Life, he he

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