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Season 3 Episode 11
The Tree of Life

The Guard is attacked by the Tree of Life protectors.


Affaan Fakih • 3 months ago

Not gonna lie
I thought Rani was the old lion healing Ono in the trailer

disqus_u1h8URlpUx • 3 months ago


Predator • 3 months ago

No it wasn't she was her grandmother

Affaan Fakih • 3 months ago

Anyone else notice that the song has same theme as it is time song from return of the roar

Brandon Mueller • 3 months ago

Yes, Disney has a way of making two halves to one whole. Similar events at the beginning and end of a movie or series. They did something like this in Tron Legacy too.

topaz • 3 months ago

Wonder what happened to Rani's parents

Tyler Ellyson • 3 months ago

I'm new to the story, but from what I read, they can be seen in ghost form in the clouds, saying they have long since died.

JhorseyPuma • 2 months ago

Seriously?! XD One thing I was SO annoyed by in this episode was that Rani was pronounced Rah-NEE in the episode- when in my parents’ language, Tamil, the word means “Queen,” and is pronounced RAH-nee. Pretty nice episode though.
Edit: I just realized only a few people pronounced it Rah-NEE in the episode. Still.

Polish Jerry • 2 months ago

Same, I've learnt hindi as one of my languages and they pronounced it Ra-Ne, not Rah-nee or Raa-nee. Americans...

Ana Matic • 3 months ago

Okay, they brought in a new singing voice for Kion.

Tyler Ellyson • 3 months ago

It's the same actor. Except that Max Charles is sixteen when the last season came live. He will be seventeen next year.

RileyGShep • 3 months ago

Actually they did bring in a new singer for kion his name is Aaron Daniel Jacob

Tyler Ellyson • 3 months ago

Fair enough.

eve pearson • 3 months ago

i know

Omri • 3 months ago

think they record the songs at the end so thats why his voice sounds deeper

AlanQtten • 3 months ago

you must be kidding, that's totally two different kinds voices, definitely not from same person

RileyGShep • 3 months ago

Yes you are right Kion's new singer is Aaron Daniel Jacob and not max charles

Brandon Mueller • 3 months ago

The Lion Guard Series did start in 2015. Maybe the voice actor hit puberty?

Blue Shadow • 3 months ago

Anyone got it is time vibes from when Kion sung

Troy Rogue Lion • 3 months ago

Wow They made it to the tree of life season 3 of The Lion Guard is still very awesome!!!!!!! time for next episode for me.

MagicMarkER • 3 months ago

yo thats not kion really singing right????

Broken stoof • 3 months ago

According to an interview with a voice actor, im pretty sure that most VAs don't sing, instead they got a different person that atleast have a similar voice to the character to sing. Why? Idk i was just at a con and someone asked if the VA can sing a certain song from the show then they said along the lines of "I don't sing the songs" or smthn idk

John Aldridge • 3 months ago

That's what I thought. What happened there? Was Max Charles not available or something? I'm so confused...

Lean Esguerra • 3 months ago

Yeah I'm thinking that too kion voice when his sing it's different 😅

Chaos • 3 months ago

I think it's beau blue or whatever his name is. He sang the theme song for the show and the opening song for the premier that played at the start when Kion and Bunga are playing with that fruit before Bunga fell into the outlands and got attacked by Janja and his gangc called "It's A Good Day" or something... He is also the main songwriter for the show, so it would make sense that he could voice a grown up Kion if they decided to show a time skip at the end of the show... but him singing here is kinda weird unless he starts singing for Kion now until the end of the show? Maybe they wanted to show that Kion has aged or something? It makes no sense with Kion's speaking voice and singing up till this point being done by Max Charles.

RileyGShep • 3 months ago

It actually Aaron Daniel Jacob that is singing as kion

Rohaan Lakxi • 1 month ago

why do not you do season 4 and 5 of the Lion King's Guard

Resident evil • 2 months ago

16:23 bunga you fortnite dance
default dance

Tiger • 2 months ago

Compare kion's voice from the return of the roar to the tree of life
It's changed

KingKion • 2 months ago

I can’t wait to see more of these guys in a new series. It’s so cute to see the progression of there relationship

Emilio • 2 months ago

What happened to Sâhasí & Ãnanda?

Polish Jerry • 2 months ago

They completed their journey in the Circle of Life,

Emilio • 2 months ago

did they got killed by the hunters or something?

Polish Jerry • 2 months ago

No, if humans were to set foot on the Tree of Life they would have taken over it and they would most probably have killed every animal there. And what do you mean by 'those'?

Emilio • 2 months ago

oh i mean the humans, and oh ok and something like they got sick or they had an accident or being burned alive by the fire.

Polish Jerry • 2 months ago

Yeah but all the animals would still be gone even if the humans died. And is your profile pic Kiara from TLG2?

Emilio • 2 months ago

ooooh, and yes that's my profile pic Kiara from TLG2.

UniLover • 2 months ago


Emilio • 2 months ago

14:43 Kion's voice!

Emilio • 2 months ago


Maybe the evil queen took Makini's Bakora Staff with Tuliza to make her young again!

Young fuli • 3 months ago

This is so fucking good

Suvi Riku Viinikka • 3 months ago

Are these Asiatic lions? :o

WentHulk • 3 months ago

That's what I think they are.

Jon10kul • 3 months ago

One thing i hope we will se if there is comeing a new season or serie i whant to know what happened to ranis parents how they died

Fabio Simonetti • 3 months ago

ep mais ou menos em má qualidade mas ótimo

Fabio Simonetti • 3 months ago

Maravilhoso o ep amei

joshua park • 3 months ago

fyi thar will not be a senone 4 sorry

Noobplays_roblox • 3 months ago

Oof who plays roblox?.

AvatarJinzo • 3 months ago

So Rani is basically a female counter of Kion. Not really a fan of that, but whatever.

Kouri • 3 months ago

kion x roni is a thing now :) and bunga IS NOT HELPING AT ALL XD

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