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Season 3 Episode 10
Friends to the End

Bunga worries the venom in Kion is turning him evil!


Chaos • 2 weeks ago

Honestly like?? Did none of them ever realise that Kion is probably in constant pain? He's bound to get irritable as it gets worse, him wanting to get through no matter what is what anyone with a sense of urgency would do, and yet they act like he's being evil for wanting to get through the tree of life? I get he's not acting like he normally would but his situation needs urgency, its the whole point of their journey and yet none of them have grasped that at this point? Seriously?

Martin Cullen • 2 weeks ago

I honestly wanted to smack Bunga in this episode. I know it's Bunga but in this episode I almost couldn't stomach him. Everyone had their moments though, wanting to keep doing what they do even if the situation is getting more and more dire. I guess we saw how that went, with it almost coming to blows. I don't think anyone really had the righgt approach in this episode. Beshte's friendly nature came in helpful but it was also a big part of the problem. Kion forging ahead is only going to fray his temper more, but at the same time constantly slowing down does the same thing. It'd be hard to find the balance. Too fast is bad, too slow is bad. Urgency can make you want to go too fast and caution can make you go too slow. Kion was urgent, Fuli was cautious. It's a diverse group of animals with different paces. Beshte is never going to be able to go as fast or long as the others.

Sorry if that was a jumbled ramble but I think this is partially a consequence of them reaching the end of a hard journey. Things start to slip and complacency sets in at the same time as exhaustion. There;s only so long you can be on edge. But they are all still behind him, no matter how hard it gets.

WentHulk • 3 days ago

Bunga meant well but he didn't say it the right way.

Martin Cullen • 2 days ago

I sometimes think Bunga doesn't want to or doesn't think he can be scared so he ups his other feelings to compensate.

WentHulk • 2 days ago

Yeah I think that's about right.

WentHulk • 3 days ago

Kion was just in pain........ Bunga was being rather annoying and unintelligent.

Caleb Martin • 1 week ago

Full knew that Kion is in pain Chaos. That is why she cares for him. Why are you guys bullying Bunga? It is easy to point out flaws in others, but harder to see our own flaws.

Benjamin Yn • 1 week ago

Well to be honest that goose is selfish and those peacocks are dumb

WentHulk • 3 days ago

The goose wasn't selfish, just annoyed. And the peacocks were just doing their thing.

Benjamin Yn • 2 days ago

What if all these birds saw Makucha, Chuluun and Ora?

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 2 weeks ago

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! very amazing episode I'm happy when Kion is being a very good friend it's not easy though I know Kion He's not evil! He may look like Scar but I have strong hope that Kion will get better. Kion is my buddy and friend till the end!

Silver the Hedgehog • 2 weeks ago

Did you see how surprised Kion was when Fuli got really close to his face at the end of the episode?

Fathan • 3 days ago


Mark Shears • 2 weeks ago


SeikoVirg • 1 week ago

I actually find it odd people who were complaining about Bunga more than episode than they have been since the beginning.
Like they were saying he didn't need to say that. Actually, he kinda did. Kion took it to heart even it was a bit hurtful, and despite his...well life-threatening situation that pretty much had to happen for tension purposes unless he was going to sing another solo song instead. Yeah it was over-the-top but so is "a scar" meaning "you look like scar" and nobody didn't love that moment (or in lion king 2 with kovu "plain as the evil as the scar on his face" for that manner).

WentHulk • 3 days ago

No he didn't really need to say it at least not in the way he said it.

inga • 2 weeks ago

it is very amazing episode

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Really really great all the episodes great until the end of the episodes but i kinda annoying In Bunga every time his saying to kion become evil but it's fun and laught 🥰🤣

Hevi kabisa! Scar apear in Kion reflection

Awesomejawson • 1 week ago

I kept yelling at my screen “SHUT UP BUNGA”.

MagicMarkER • 2 weeks ago

ok beshtes rap is low key fire

Jessica Schlimgen • 1 week ago

omg THANK YOU i been looking ALL over for the rest of season 3!!

Mariam • 1 week ago

I can't believe I actually have seen all the episodes of the lion Guard !!

Blue Shadow • 1 week ago

I bet majority of people were yelling at their screens becuase of bunga

Fulion • 2 weeks ago


Kouri • 2 weeks ago

why do i feel like its the end episode or its just me

Emilio • 2 weeks ago

Kion is getting worse! If they don't go faster, he's not gonna make it!

Bilbo Cattings • 2 weeks ago

It is here!

Elgato Plaze • 2 weeks ago


WentHulk • 3 days ago

Bunga may be a bit of an idiot in this episode but he did have a point about Kion even if he wasn't saying it the proper way. He probably shouldn't have said Kion was going evil. He should have said Kion was being rather mean like Scar. But Kion was clearly not acting evil. He was just in pain and as a result, impatient and short tempered.

Night Guard • 6 days ago

Anga's reply to everything
'Looks like it'

Bruh moment

Blue Shadow • 1 week ago

That was close tho Kion almost lost to the venom

Kion • 1 week ago

I made a poll about who is the best member of the lion guard, vote here:

Firefox • 1 week ago

I was watching it when it just turned off and doesn't want to turn on again. Why?
Could someone tell me what to do?

watchtlg • 1 week ago

What do you mean? What to turn on?

Benjamin Yn • 1 week ago

5:19-5:20 Kion just scare her already with that growl

Ana Matic • 1 week ago

I know we're not getting "old Kion" back, but did we really have to get the old Bunga back?

Caleb Martin • 1 week ago

Bunga is not going anywhere. If he wants to be himself, let him be himself. Sometimes the old thing is better than the new thing you know. Also, I don't think the old Bunga ever left, he's been the same way for all the episodes

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

BEST , AWESOME , AMAZING EP EVER !!!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆

MagicMarkER • 2 weeks ago

are all the episodes coming out or just a couple of them

Mathilde Roy • 2 weeks ago

They are all put now

Mathilde Roy • 2 weeks ago

Out now sry

Liam Evans • 2 weeks ago

Yeah I Was Expecting All 10 Of Them To Be On This Website And Yet I Only Find One

MagicMarkER • 2 weeks ago

refresh it

Kionoo1 • 2 weeks ago


Sonic The hedgehog • 2 weeks ago


PAKMAN • 2 weeks ago


ItsRyanYT • 2 weeks ago

Went to sleep early just to wake up to watch these episodes.

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