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Season 3 Episode 1-Season 3 Episode 2
Battle for the Pride Lands

Scar devises a scheme to destroy the Lion Guard.


watchtlg • 2 weeks ago

Battle for the Pride Lands is a double episode which may explain why there's no Episode 2.
I don't know why there's no Episode 8 though.

watchtlg • 2 weeks ago

KANYANTA MWANSA • 2 weeks ago

Wait? Ford doesn't work for Disney anymore? But now who's the new writer for episodes of TLG?

watchtlg • 2 weeks ago

Production of The Lion Guard has ended several months ago. Season 3 is the last one.

Carys Tarry • 1 week ago


KANYANTA MWANSA • 2 weeks ago

Oh I get it now. I guess this also explains why there is no Season 4.

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

Well i don't know if this real well if this real we might see season 4 of the lion guard 😅

Blue Shadow • 1 week ago

I would love a season 4 this show is great but sadly season 3 is the finale

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

Well we gonna see that next time is season 3 is real final if not finish we might see season 4 😢

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

John Aldridge • 2 weeks ago

Episode 03 shows them going to the waterfall, which is the first landmark, so maybe you're right. Although a missing episode 08 is weird...

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

actually, there is an episode 8, it just hasnt been uploaded to watchtlg yet. Look it up on the lion guard wiki.

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Really there is episode 8 wow but did you watch episode 8 or not ?

Nehemiah Joshua • 2 weeks ago

do you know when the next episodes are comin out?

watchtlg • 2 weeks ago

I heard about September, but it's not official.

Emilio • 2 weeks ago

I agree.

Erich Scheidle • 2 weeks ago

R.I.P. Ushari.

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 weeks ago

One thing I really wanted to see was him redeemed...

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

Frankly, Ms. Annabelle, Ushari banished himself the moment he joined Janja. That and The Lion Guard probably saw him when they try to find a cure for Simba when he was stung by a scorpion.

Donna Lapham • 2 weeks ago

kinda unfair he just didn't like to be literally trampled on :c

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

Either way lovers or good friends these two are the best

Wither • 1 week ago

It is cute when she looked away and smiled shyly.

Kionoo1 • 2 weeks ago

I'm hoping by the end of the season Kion and the guard will come home and his family will greet him and say how much they missed him and it will be a happy reunion and then Kion learns what happened when he was away and ya please bring Kion home at the end of the series disney

Brandon Mueller • 1 week ago

I have a feeling Kion will go off with another pride and Season 3 may be it for the Lion Guard because the events of the Lion Guard occur during LK 2 Simba's Pride and (Simba's Son) is not part of it. So the newer Lion Guard story must mesh.

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 weeks ago

I feel like what gonna happen at the tree is that the healers will tell Kion he doesn't need help. It's all mental- Kion has to believe that he is not evil. Of course, he needs healing for the venom, but it hasn't made him evil.

Anthony Campos • 1 week ago

Isn't a spoiler Minute 50:00, It's me or that look exchange was a bit romantic?

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

Yeah it’s romantic, looks like she’s embarrassed that’s really romantic , maybe it’s cause before that Simba ask her to take care of his son but anyway ford Riley said on Instagram they’re just friend but I don’t think he’s saying the truth cause what he’s saying and what the serie show to us isn’t the same maybe he want to keep the surprise for later

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Let's say Ford Rilay can confirm or deny the relationship of Kion x
Fuli but who confirms that what he wrote is true or a lie is some way
to confirm this information in a different way because you can see
completely different in the TV series lion guard and what Ford Rilay
himself writes and many fans of the lion guard will agree with me

Dylan Connolly • 3 days ago

This isn't the first time that Disney has pushed an inter-species relationship. I mean, look at Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia.

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

It’s a lie he just don’t want the fans to know too soon if their relationship will growing even more

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Friends, the answer for me has not yet come, but I just went to the account Ford Riley, where all messages about Kion and Fuli that he wrote, erased. If you don't believe me, check it out. Remember that picture where showed us that Ford Riley wrote that Kion and Fuli are just friends, so there's no longer this message. Speaking of which, I told disney on Instagram that he wrote to us.

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

What account ? On his Instagram or Twitter ?

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

I believe you but I’m saying he’s not saying the truth about what he said . C’mon really ...a friendship between two persons is not so close , look at the end of the episode 1 like you said before , fuli was looking at Kion and she was thinking that he’ll looks away but he didn’t and she looked away with a smile at herself . And now ford Riley is saying they’re just good friends ??? he’s really a bad for lying tha doesn’t make senses . Okay for now they’re not a couple but later they will or not ? He didn’t answer and you tell me Ford Riley tells you he cant give any spoiler ...sooo for me he’s lying they’re more than friends

CourageousPrincess18 • 1 week ago

I think, with the lost tweets, one of these things happened:

1) Disney came after him for revealing they are just friends, or

2) Ford Riley pulled a stunt like Thomas Astruc does. It is possible that, with the tweet gone, he tried to hide the truth. However, only time will tell the truth.

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

But there’s a rumor like ford Riley erased a post from one of his account when he’s talking about Kion and Fuli when he’s saying they’re just friends it’s really true he really erased this post ??if it’s true that’s means he really try to hide the truth about them

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Also about 7 days ago it was mentioned on wikipedia but it turned out that there was a message but there are so many comments that it is difficult to find it but I found it then unless I deleted it not long ago

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

But if ford Riley have erased this post about them . That’s means he’s planning something for Kion and Fuli on the next episodes

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

Oh too bad

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

But think what happens if Kion uses the market in anger and destroys the tree of life

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

Oof ! I imagine that’ll be very bad for a lot of animals

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

And what about Kion and Ono if they are not cured and destroy the tree of life maybe 1 lioness from the night group has the gift of healing

Amidou Coulibaly • 6 days ago

Maybe we’ll see

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Okay, let's meet Kaion and after 2 episodes he falls in love with her
as much as in Fuli that he won't even care what he feels. what forever
and Fuli said that she would always be at Kion's side so what would it
be like if they split up and after friendship Fuli and Kion themselves
said that they would always be together even because of obstacles
3 min

Dylan Connolly • 3 days ago

Look at the look that Fuli is giving Kion from 13:07 to 13:11.

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

Aden • 2 weeks ago

I think personally that they are gonna journey all this way, just to find something to warm up kion's heart, like love. Which will heal the venom, perhaps Rani?!

Also, c'mon this is Disney, y'all know that there's gonna be some love involved.

Chaos • 1 week ago

To be honest, while I do agree with your idea that love will somehow be involved in Kion's recovery, I don't think it will be for the actual venom nor will it most likely come from Rani. The whole show revolves around Kion and the Lion Guard as a whole working as a team, supporting one another as friends or almost family and learning to look past their differences to love one another. While there may be something there with Rani and Kion, I don't think her love or anything connected to her solely will be the solution to the Kion's venom.

It would make more sense for the actual venom to not be the problem Kion is facing but his own mind being both warped by the venom, his stress and Scar's claims of them being the same. And the solution to that would most definitely come down to the main difference between Kion and Scar; that Kion loves his Guard as friends rather than followers or soldiers to order around. Kion's pure love for his friends has been the centre point of the show up to this point, so it would make sense that those connections that have been drawn out and tested throughout the show would be the things to save Kion from the path Scar tried to put him onto.

Yeah, it's Disney, I agree with you that love will probably be involved at some point.

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

I have a question you are a psychologist that you write such good sentences because for the first time I see someone writing so well from fans of the TV series lion guard

Raluca Geanau • 1 week ago


Janja • 2 weeks ago

Janja rapping for some reason is really epic and I'm not big on rap music.

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