Watch The Race to Tuliza

Season 3 Episode 9
The Race to Tuliza

Fuli gets lost and is forced to race a male cheetah.


Lol • 2 weeks ago

Episode 2 is available its the same episode as episode 1 thats why its 50mins its two episodes in one episode common knowledge actually trailer kinda said that

Maniac • 2 weeks ago


Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

Hahaha XD

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

I dont know if its just me but i feel bad for kion when the scar changes his mood

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Yeah me too when scar Get to inches kion mood changes to a angry person😒

iel • 1 week ago

I love this

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

Yeah same us me can i ask do know when the other episodes will be release some people say in September but i thought it will be release all the episodes one by one this August πŸ˜…

Ibrahim Ilya • 1 week ago

I'm gonna have to say bunga is so annoying in this show. We need more of Kion getting angered. Come on Disney!

Maniac • 2 weeks ago

What happened to episode 8 and 2?

Ladronzz • 1 week ago

..... Have you not noticed that the first episode is 52 mins long? Hmmm maybe it's 1-2 mashed together. durrr

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

Those flamingoes remind me of tourists!

Benjamin Yn • 2 weeks ago

Or those nearly naked beach giraffes from spongebob's big birthday blowout

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

Or teenage party animals!

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

05:27 Like father like son look ! 😝

Fleckenstein • 5 hours ago

I dont think Azaad or Rani will be a problem for Kion&Fuli because their both adult

Bartek Konieczny • 4 hours ago


Kionoo1 • 22 hours ago

Anyone know what Azaads saying mibinamet means??

Autummn • 4 days ago

kion look so weird floating away in this episode i want there to be 800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 seasons :( or atleast a 4th because i dont think ill even get to watch lion king reborn :( i dont get to watch many movies in movie theaters and stuff i just want lion guard to never end :(
and i love kion and i love how bunga drinks the water its slaty lol

IanShot R6 • 1 week ago

I think you guys take a lot in logic so because kaion is a lion and a fuli and a cheetah, I think there might be a romance between them.

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

Come to think of it, it really has been a long time since Fuli's had a good run. Come to think of it, we don't actually see much of that at all! Fuli is the fastest, right? So why does everyone else do their thing so good all the time and Fuli does her thing, running, only every once in awhile. To get good shots of her doing some actual running, you have to go to episodes like the search for utamu or the wisdom of Kongwe! Every other time, which is most of the time, Fuli doesn't use her speed and just trots along at the same speed as everyone else! That's just wrong!

Shaolin Prime • 2 weeks ago

I know I've commented a lot but this is America, WHO CARES??
Just by watching this episode I'm getting a bit of a SonicXSally and Monkey KhanXSally feeling with Kion being Sonic, Fuli is Sally and Azaad is Khan. I'm interested to see if Disney will do something like that. Frankly tho I'm a Sonally and Kiuli shipper. Azaad is pretty cool but I just don't see it. Just a personal opinion and observation

Kionoo1 • 22 hours ago

I'm in ireland so it's not just america

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Guys do you know any website where can i download free this episode i search a website it's Etnamedia but i don't know how much to pay anyone know how much to pay it ?

Kouri • 2 weeks ago

i guess Kion need some Weeds to keep his temper down

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago


Nehemiah Joshua • 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know when the next episodes are getting released?

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

I think everyone don't know when other episodes will be release.

Dragonet • 2 weeks ago

No sorry...I tried looking it up but it wouldnt tell me anthing!!! I went on every website but I couldn't find out...😞😀

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

Same like me i do that keep search when the other episodes will release but nothing happened we will be see this In Saturday if the other episodes will be release if not well it would be in September 😒.

Mwendo Duma • 2 weeks ago

Before anyone starts shipping these two. Azaad is an Asiatic cheetah, so will never leave his territory. And since Fuli is a member of the guard she is primarily based on the Pridelands and she would very likely not want to leave what she calls home just to be with him

[CMC ITA] Mindstorm • 2 weeks ago

Flamingoes Zumba with 90's dance music... EPIC!

17:58 "Azaad would be very happy to have you as a FRIEND" DAMNED GODS OF FRIENDZONE I HATE YOU!
20:36 AGAIN? Azaad, seriously?!

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

Take chill pill bruh πŸ˜…

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

I wonder if Azaad is Fuli's father. I'm getting a lot long lost relatives vibes this season from the original leader of the Outsiders to that blue snake hell, I was even under the impression that Rafiki was Makini's grandpa or uncle.

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

aww man! I was soo looking forward to seeing that episode with that "evil twin sister" character! Wait, I think that was just me. Comment if you agree.

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

What evil twin sister?

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

I could feel it coming! I could feel it in my bones!

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

It must be true! It is instinct! Fuli has an evil twin sister that appears in this season!!!!!

ItsRyanYT • 2 weeks ago

I ship them!!!

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

Oof ! NO ! I ! SHIP THEM 😠 !!!!! JK !

ItsRyanYT • 2 weeks ago

Bruh! XD

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago


Ana Matic • 1 week ago

Ah, an episode that takes place in either Israel or Jordan. Fun fact: The Dead Sea records every earthquake that strikes it. It exists as a result of tectonic rifting, and is currently right next to a transform plate boundary that runs north through Israel. So earthquakes are frequent there and can become quite intense.

And yes, I ship it. Someone bust a bottle o' bubbly on the SS Fuzaad!

Sadhbh Corr • 2 weeks ago

Fuli x Azaad

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 weeks ago


Autummn • 4 days ago

Autummn • 4 days ago

now kion flating away

Autummn • 4 days ago

CheetahSpeed • 6 days ago

kion is so relaxed he legit just floated away, that would be me to be honest

Nico Rozner • 1 week ago

Oh my god, that song gets stuck in your head, so catchy!!!!!

Kovu • 1 week ago

Honestly it would be nice to know when the next episodes are going to drop. I mean September is what Ford Riley said but we don’t know when in September

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