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Season 3 Episode 8
Journey of Memories

The Guard, lost in the desert, navigates by the stars.


Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Second one here 😁Finally episode 8 is been uploaded thank you so much

Steven Villman • 5 days ago

I really hope that it gets uploaded to KimCartoon, so that I can download it with ease (downloading from here via VLC Media Player is a big figurative pain in the ass!).

Lean Esguerra • 5 days ago

Wow really you can download it kimcartoon i search any website to download season 3 lion guard episode 1 to 10 i can't find any website to download it😱

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 1 week ago

Now that I got home from a long week of camp I finnally got to see this amazing episode now I'm really hyped for the other episodes when ever they come out. The Lion Guard and anything The Lion King is still really awesome to me even at the age of 18 and still a graduate from High school I'll always love anything Disney I don't mind at all that I grew up with Disney. It can be for anyone.

PAKMAN • 2 weeks ago

FINALLY!!!!! Now then when is the next episode XD

ItsRyanYT • 2 weeks ago

Finally. Thank you for uploading this.


Blue Shadow • 1 week ago
Come everyone lets work together

Jon10kul • 1 week ago

Of course i allso paid to get more subscriber

Emilio • 2 weeks ago

Who is that lioness in 18:01?

Benjamin Yn • 2 weeks ago


Luna Light • 2 weeks ago

I think that lioness is her and next to her is Rani. 50% not sure.

Paige Hickin • 1 week ago

What episode is that from? :O

watchtlg • 1 week ago

We do not yet know. It comes from one of the future episodes and the pic is from a trailer.

Luna Light • 1 week ago

It's from the trailer, I think it will be in the episode when ono and Kion will get healed.

Luna Light • 2 weeks ago

I think it's some sort of a guardian lion of the tree of life ,or maybe the oldest female lion in Rani's pride? Also she might be the healer that will get Kion to get better and Ono I think she is that Lioness that we get to see heal both of them.

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

Imagine makuchas group find a way to kidnap the healer before they heal kion

David Saul • 2 weeks ago

This is the last season so I assume there will be a battle at the Tree of Life.

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

Anyone know when the other episodes Will release😅?

Guest • 2 weeks ago
Omar Palafox • 2 weeks ago

That’s not Rani

KaVtol • 2 weeks ago

It can't be, Rani is leader of the Night Pride and has brown eyes, this lioness has green eyes and marking on her sides

Wither • 2 weeks ago

The lioness does has brown eyes you need to watch the trailer again to see it more clearly since the picture is a little blurry.

CourageousPrincess18 • 2 weeks ago


Bethany Wright • 1 week ago

When will next episodes be on episode 11 and upwards

Ruth Navarathne • 1 week ago


Ana Matic • 1 week ago

The Southern Cross being so high in the sky tells me they're in the southern hemisphere. The only hot deserts in the southern hemisphere are in South America, Africa and Australia. While jerboas are only found in the northern hemisphere, TLK has a history of putting all wildlife from the same continent in one single spot. So they must be back in Africa, probably somewhere close to the Kalahari (Timon's ancestral home).

Two prominent community figures, one of whom is voiced by Chris Jackson for his singing skills, and their spirited daughter, plus a synopsis that talks about navigating by the stars? I'm going to be very disappointed if Lin Manuel Miranda didn't help write the song.

Matthew Wise • 1 week ago

I looked it up on the Lion Guard Wiki, the next episodes will be aired sometime in September.

Lean Esguerra • 1 week ago

So it's true September i can't wait for it but i will it patiently I'm so hyper to see other episodes of it😅

Lily • 1 week ago

When is rest of episode coming out

Steven Villman • 5 days ago

Probably in September...

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

I feel bad for makini she is trying her best and you can see she doesn't want to disappoint the others

Omar Palafox • 2 weeks ago

Anyone know when the rest of the episodes are gonna be released? I heard sometime in September (any exact dates?).

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

Nope all i heard was September too

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Really the other episodes Will be release in September wow i just think all the episodes of final season 3 lion guard Will be release one by one this August 😅

Amelia Whiteman • 2 weeks ago

Are they going to be putting up the other season 3 episodes up soon because I really want to see what happens to kion and I also just want to watch the next adventures🤔😍💕🦁

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Yes same us me i don't what happen to kion because his attitude it's getting really change because of his scar😥 and what about the enemies they been follow to go the tree of life is this meaning kion and the guard won't comeback in the pride land because the enemies now know to go the tree of life😥😢.

EeveeCentralYT • 2 weeks ago

eek so gud

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago


Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

I'm pretty sure "Poa" translates to "Awesome" in some way.

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 weeks ago

Tis true, Google said so

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

That scar is getting worse just like rafiki said im curious to see if it can get even worse

Lean Esguerra • 2 weeks ago

Yeah i think so too kion getting even worse of his attitude

Fatia The Cheetah • 1 day ago

I ship kion and fuli but the comments about them are kinda getting annoying. Has anyone noticed how Kion and Bunga aren't close friends friends anymore? I bet they miss everything being hakuna matata

Alyssa Hernandez • 1 day ago

when are the other episodes coming out ? 😩

Benjamin Yn • 1 week ago

Tupp the jerboa reminds me of tupp of team skull

KANYANTA MWANSA • 2 weeks ago


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