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Season 3 Episode 5
Marsh of Mystery

Makini chases mysterious blue lights!


FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago

Wading through a muddy marsh while getting harassed by small furry creatures is NOT fun. At one point, we had to plow through about fifty feet of thick mud, which is also not fun. Beshte hit a particularly deep spot, and we spent about an hour trying to pull him out, which is pretty hard when the hippo in question weighs roughly 1,500 pounds.

Simba Jones • 1 month ago

It doesn't sound fun.

FuliTheCheetah • 5 months ago

Beshte is just so nice! Even to the little creatures that are actively attacking him!

Jason See • 5 months ago

we should learn to be like him

FuliTheCheetah • 5 months ago

I already am :)

Caroline Anselmo da Silva • 5 months ago

When the others episodes will come out?

Lean Esguerra • 5 months ago

Some say it's September so were resting for a while waiting the other episode of the season 3 lion guard

Li0n k1ng • 5 months ago

Aww cuz 8 and 2 are gone it skips part of the story so 2 of the places they go to it wont show :(

Beverly Kell • 5 months ago

8 is up now and like stated 1 and 2 were one long episode

Josh Bearden • 5 months ago

2 is part of the 1st episode, which is why the 1st one is an hour...

Joshua Crawford • 5 months ago

just one place

Rubiks Master • 2 months ago

17:52 as Makini is walking away from the edge you can’t see the vine holding her staff to her back, animation error.

Emilio • 4 months ago

Elinor: You know Makini, some say that Will-O'-the-Wisps lead you to your fate.

Uriellelovespets_YT • 4 months ago


JustYaBoi • 4 months ago

Lucky you. I have school, after that I have a job and when I'm home again I have dinner and homework.

Al • 5 months ago

What is this

Ana Matic • 5 months ago

So now we're in mainland Asia, and someone's about to turn their mother into a bear.

Zacian Sword • 5 months ago

The Lights are Whisps Idiots xd

Caleb Martin • 5 months ago

Not all of us are idiots, and I am also an A and B student!

Beverly Kell • 5 months ago

wait whisps are real...? o.o

Ecocat Annabelle • 5 months ago

Though it's sad that Ono has lost his extroadinary eyesight, it might actually be better for his character development that he becomes completely blind. He'll learn to cope without sight, and learn the advantages that it can give him, like othe senses being slightly enhanced.
Poor Ono tho...

FuliTheCheetah • 5 months ago

Fuli hates water, wetness, and anything having to do with hydrogen and two oxygens mixing to create a transparent liquid necessary for life's existence.
That means water. And mud is wet dirt. That, plus the annoying furry animals constantly annoying her, I think she honestly has it worst in this episode.

FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago

I made this comment before I edited my profile picture and username, so that's why I'm referring to myself in the third person. But I still hate water!

Erich Scheidle • 5 months ago

Never heard of marsh lights before.

Villainbrine Lives • 5 months ago

They are also referred to as Wisps

Erich Scheidle • 5 months ago

So... magical creatures are now a thing in the Lion King? Not much longer and we will start editing unicorns and griffons into this show.

Shichibi • 5 months ago

Marsh lights are not magical creatures, they exist in real life, too :).
I could copy paste stuff, but just google and read it on Wikipedia or so - it's a really interesting, natural, phenomenon ^^.
People did get lost in the marsh, especially in the dark ages and such, because of it, due to the fact that they followed it like Makini.

Emilio • 4 months ago

You know, some say that Will-O'-the-Wisps lead you to your fate.

Villainbrine Lives • 5 months ago

I never said a magical creature. I said "referred to as Wisps" because that is literally what a Wisps was based around and are well known instead of Marsh Lights. I was helping with the question because between the two. People know more about Wisps then Marsh Lights. (And like Shichibi said they are real things)

Keina • 5 months ago

I feel like the Lion Guard has some sort of magical or atleadt ehimsical elements per say. For example; Scar's and Mufasa's spirits, kions roar and its powers, and even rafiki's and makini's bakora staffs and the things they do

Kionoo1 • 5 months ago


Ruth Navarathne • 5 months ago

NOOooooOOOOOOOooooo 😵

FuliTheCheetah • 5 months ago

My god, and I thought waking up 6:30 was early! What, you on boot camp time or what?

Ruth Navarathne • 5 months ago

I wanna be first place 😫

Kingwolf2571 • 5 months ago

I swear Makini x Ono better become a ship.

Jason See • 5 months ago


2 far m8

katedh8888 • 4 months ago

nooo i get kion and fuli but ono and makini is just too much

FuliTheCheetah • 3 months ago


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