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Season 3 Episode 5
Ghost of the Mountain

The Lion Guard brings peace to a pack of Red Pandas.


Vadim Goeke • 2 weeks ago

Am I the only one who thinks Dustin Hoffman should have voiced the leader of the red pandas considering shifu is a red panda

KANYANTA MWANSA • 2 weeks ago

I officially ship Makucha x Chuluun.

Zacian Sword • 1 week ago

Nakucha idiot

KANYANTA MWANSA • 1 week ago

Excuse me?! Are you talking to me!? Because I think you need to shut the hell up! It's my opinion, and if you don't like it, then GTFO. And it's MAKUCHA. Not Nakucha. And you're calling me the idiot....

Ross • 4 days ago

your right, it is Makucha .but that was a bit extreme dont you think?

Irene Poernomo • 2 weeks ago

Makucha x Chuluun!!!

Zacian Sword • 1 week ago


Liam Evans • 1 week ago

No it's Definitely Makucha

Villainbrine Lives • 2 weeks ago

Does anyone else get the feeling of the Zimwi in the Red Panda's song?

Steven Villman • 2 weeks ago

Does anyone else here find that the red pandas give off a Chinese or Japanese vibe???

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

Wait a minute, red pandas don't live in Africa.

Stahlreck • 2 weeks ago

Judging by the snowy mountains, the snow monkeys, bamboo, red pandas and later on the "dragon island" with the ocean I would guess they're somewhere in Asia now :P

Steven Villman • 2 weeks ago

Yeah... but the problem with that is that they would have to go through Egypt, the Middle East, and either South Asia or Central Asia through various deserts and steppes before they can even go to East Asia!

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

That's probably why Azaad has a middle eastern accent.

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

But they left The Pride Lands from the left and The Pride Lands is on the left side of Africa last time I checked.

KP • 2 weeks ago

I think the Pride Lands is actually located in East Africa, specifically around the Tanzania region given they mentioned the Serengeti in a song before. Savannahs are more common in East and South Africa, whereas the West is characterized more by deserts and rainforests.

Stahlreck • 2 weeks ago

Well...I guess it doesn't really mean anything. Maybe it looked like it but they walked in other directions afterwards. I mean, they're definitely not in Africa anymore. Either that or the Lion King world is a weird mix between Africa and Asia.

Taeo Kevin • 2 weeks ago

There's going to be so much Rule 34 porn of that Snow Leopard lol

Kouri • 2 weeks ago

don't u dare.... mention that word lol

Mlppokemonlover • 2 weeks ago

I agree, don't even go there, although i must admit now i kinda ship makucha and that snow leopard...i don't know why, i just do.

Beverly Kell • 1 week ago

At least that ship is actually between two leopards ...

Mlppokemonlover • 1 week ago

Even though they're both leopards, they're also 2 different species of leopard.

Li0n k1ng • 2 weeks ago

Wheres episode 2 and 8? .w.

John Aldridge • 2 weeks ago

There is no episode 02, because The Battle For The Pride Lands was a two-part special. As for where episode 08 is, I have absolutely no idea...

Steven Villman • 2 weeks ago

There just has to be an Episode 2!!! You just can't have an Episode 3, Episode 4, etc. without an Episode 2!

watchtlg • 2 weeks ago

I know it's strange and it hurts the eyes, but this is an official numbering of the episodes.

Carlos Martinez • 2 weeks ago

Wait I am confused, so they are in asia right now and they go south from there. But in episode 9 they meet an asiatic cheetah which is only located in Iran. But in episode 10 they are back in SE asia. That would mean that they would have to travel to asia, back to iran, then go BACK to SE asia. Or am i missing anything?

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

Idk ... 😟

Ibrahim Ilya • 1 week ago

Makucha sounds like starscream from TFP

Zacian Sword • 1 week ago

Knew the snow leopard was a snow leopard and knew it was a Girl HA!

Jessica • 2 weeks ago


Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago


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