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Season 3 Episode 4
The Accidental Avalanche

Kion makes amends when he loses control of his Roar.


Shaolin Prime • 2 weeks ago

I'm a little concerned about how this'll end. We've got a new cheetah, Azaad, who Fuli seems to like and eventually Rani, a lioness, who EVERYONE is shipping with Kion. So what will happen with our favorite speedster and lion prince? Together or never?
Personally though, I can see KionXFuli happening more likely: they live in the same area, they balance each other out, Fuli clearly cares for her leader, and he actually stops getting so angry and listens to her only. And of course we ALL saw how she looked at him at the end of episode 1. Thoughts

Chaos • 2 weeks ago

I totally agree with you, especially as someone who never really shipped them until this season, I immediately saw signs of something between them even in the first episode of the season.

With Fuli singing that she'll be "by his side" throughout everything, showing her extreme loyalty to Kion, the fact that Simba smiled knowingly at Fuli when he asked her to get Kion home safe, as well as the emphasis on Fuli walking beside him as they walked through the animal Guard of honour as they left the Pridelands much like they emphasised Simba and Nala along with Kiara and Kovu. The look they gave one another was a huge alarm and when Fuli looked away and smiled to herself it seemed like such a cliché 'they-look-at-one-another-with-love-and-girl-blushes-and-looks-away' trope.

All the new episodes are definitely highlighting their relationship especially, with Fuli being the only one to notice Kion's symptoms and pushing for him to get Tuliza plant to help ease his pain. We see how close they are this season and I can definitely see Fuli at least beginning to realise she has a crush or some sort of feelings for Kion, while I don't think Kion's in the right mindset or really able to focus on anything other than their journey at the moment. Azaad made a point to emphasis twice that Fuli was his "friend" and Fuli showed none of the interest in him that she has with Kion. Even for Rani, we could use the fact that her Pride lives so far away and that both her and Azaad may be redherrings to make people think that Kion and Fuli can't or won't be together. But, they also made the point to emphasis that Kion is "not one for tradition", so him and Fuli having feelings for one another is definitely in the realm of possibility for the writers to showcase the whole theme of equality and joining different types of characters together in the show.

Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of "childhood-friends-fall-in-love-as-teens" trope?

Bartek Konieczny • 2 weeks ago

Now probably 80 percent of the lion's fans are behind Kion x Fuli and not

Kion x Rani

Shaolin Prime • 2 weeks ago

Amen to that!! EVERYBODY loves the childhood friend turns to romance thing.

Caroline Anselmo da Silva • 2 weeks ago

I'm glad that I'm not the only one😍

Shaolin Prime • 2 weeks ago

Aye, but if we all know Disney, they either won't do any romance or will pair them all up differently

Caroline Anselmo da Silva • 2 weeks ago

Well, let's wait and see

Vadim Goeke • 2 weeks ago


I really loved how she has concern for him as well as being an advisor to him

K • 1 week ago

I agree with you too...and also Azaad looks too old if you ask me...and anyone notice that when Kenge bit Fuli kion pounced right after and in the Accidental Avalanche Kion let Fuli make the decision......i hope Kion and Fuli stay together
Also one more the Lion king History the Lions go with their best friends...Nala-Simba, Kiara-Kovu; Mufasa- Sarabi

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

Let's say Ford Rilay can confirm or deny the relationship of Kion x
Fuli but who confirms that what he wrote is true or a lie is some way
to confirm this information in a different way because you can see
completely different in the TV series lion guard and what Ford Rilay
himself writes and many fans of the lion guard will agree with me

Amidou Coulibaly • 1 week ago

I agree with you two but I think azaad is a adult and he only know Fuli , 30 minutes or maybe 10 but she know Kion since they’re little and their relationship don’t stop to growing , Ford Riley said in Instagram they’re just friends like brother and sister but I don’t trust him that’s too suspicious to give a spoil like that but her said for him that’s not a spoil and he never answered when someone asked him if they’ll become a couple what do you think , Kion x Fuli will happens ? For me I hope

Bartek Konieczny • 1 week ago

What happens if Kion gets another bout of anger and he will not be near
Tulizy What can you calm down think and let me know in the comments

Blue Shadow • 1 week ago

Fuli or one of the guard members in these episodes you notice how concern fuli is and tries to help him

Bartek Konieczny • 2 weeks ago

In my opinion, it would be perfect for the king and queen Kion and Fuli

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

Everyone's talking about Fuli being in love, that being a serious trope among fans of this show, but I was looking forward to a different trope making a debut in this season. That is....

Evil twin sister! Yes, that's right! This may sound weird, but I think we really should have an episode with an "evil twin sibling and tons of flashbacks" kinda episode, and I want Fuli to be the subject of it all. Partially because it feels right for her, and partially because I seriously think so me more light should be shed on her mysterious past. And partially I just wanna see her thrown there in the spotlight more often, since she is my absolute favorite character in all of the lion guard!

Wither • 1 week ago

Okay, watching the series a few times like I always do on any series to find little hints/clue that lead to many other things that may or may not happen in the future of the series.
This time when I rewatched season 3 I noticed something in this episode that I should've noticed before. (I believe people may have gone over it but I want others thoughts on it too)

Fuli has always question Kion and the royal family on countless of occasions. Like in the pilot episode she questioned Kion and the royal family on the tradition of the royal family and the circle of life.
What I see in this episode is that Fuli is slightly more 'submissive' (That may not be the word but it seems right) in this series I've seen. Why, you guess why. She believes Kion is doing the correct thing although she knows it isn't right either, you see this constantly in this episode and she even admits to it. This could mean constantly of things, like she has started to trust Kion with maybe every decision he makes unlike earlier on in the other seasons.
I may be wrong but I've noticed this mostly, so if I am wrong please tell me but I do want to hear anyones ideas and considerations.

Dylan Reid • 1 week ago

I really enjoy this season but, as a person who is taking AP bio, I am confused as to how their travels work out. They first meet snow monkeys, who live only in japan. Then, they meet red pandas, who live in Southeast Asia. Then they meet Komodo dragons who live in the islands of Indonesia. And so on. I am just a little confused about the geography, but this is a fictional series none the less.

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

Who else finds it sad to see kion like this he was cute and nice but this scar is changing that hopefully they get to the tree quickly

Steven Villman • 2 weeks ago

Does anyone else here get a Tibetan vibe from this episode of The Lion Guard???

Shaolin Prime • 2 weeks ago

Also, I know its a kids show but so was Kim Possible, How To Train Your Dragons, and Danny Phantom. And look at them: KimXRon, HiccupXAstrid, and DannyXSam. Anyone else think a romance episode(s) should occur?

Caroline Anselmo da Silva • 2 weeks ago

I'm praying for this happen

OofSquad • 1 week ago

Imagine if they have one episode when Max Charles and Diamond White sang ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ with Kion and Fuli? Personally, I think they would make a perfect duet.

Wither • 1 week ago

That would be amazing if I'm not lieing, but they would have to change the lyrics.

Bartek Konieczny • 2 weeks ago

Only why the creators have never mentioned the Fula family yet and in the age when we see when she was a small girl she left her parents and it is still strange because the cheetahs are not on the lions

TaraSwirls • 2 weeks ago

idk i hope there is another my opinion i rather ship fuli and azaad

Kouri • 2 weeks ago

is this foley x kion i seeing here

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

Its spelled Fuli.

TaraSwirls • 2 weeks ago my opinion i think Fuli is better with Azaad..and probably there will be a new lioness for Kion...

Shaolin Prime • 2 weeks ago

Maybe so, but if that happens, it'll break up the Lion Guard. Fuli would go to live with Azaad and the new lioness (possibly Rani) would want to stay with her family and Lion would probably go with her

Chaos • 2 weeks ago

Yeah, it would take the Lion Guard away from their homes and I don't really see Kion or Fuli being the type of characters to abandon their home and family for someone they've only just met. Even ignoring my views on a romance between them fitting better and letting the Guard stay together while being supported by a bond grown through the years, it wouldn't make sense for the characters or story for them to just never return home. It would be lazy for the writers to try to write them out of the overall plot of the Lion king universe, when they've made sure to show us that the tree of life and the long journey it would take to get there is the reason they're missing from the second movie and that the show more than likely will finish with them returning to the Pride Lands shortly after Kiara and Kovu are joined.

Chaos • 1 day ago

Looking across all the episodes released for this season, I'm starting to see a pattern of Kion using the Roar and causing destruction around him, especially to nature. In this episode with the Avalanche, in the Battle for the Pridelands at the start when they show how his roar has gotten stronger and he causes the ground to crack and rocks to break, causing a tsunami that devastated the Komodo Island in Dragon Island... if this continues and they show how much stronger Kion's powers are getting, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up damaging or causing a disaster at the Tree of Life.

Given that they emphasised his power increase, it isn't completely crazy that them emphasising his desperation to get to the Tree Of Life and his blind faith that it will solve his problems may be the climaxing issue of the arc, if the Tree was to be revealed to not have magically healing properties and to simply be a symbolic healing or something. Like that the journey is what was meant to heal Kion by having his friends help him learn to control himself and figuring out how to live with his scar and the 'evil' venom inside him. Given how much of his stability and resistance this season comes from the fact that he believes his condition is only temporary and that he will be okay again once they get to the Tree only suggests that Kion may finally have a breakdown or outburst that even Fuli. who is the only one who can calm him down and the only one he apparently has the emotional connection and trust with to have take over for him until he gets better, won't be able to pull him back from.

Kion so far hasn't learnt how to deal with his condition but rather been leaning on Tuliza and Fuli to help him get through it... so if he was to be told after the whole journey they've been on and all the stress and pain he's been put through, that his one hope for salvation and way to not become like Scar was a hoax or didn't work - imagine how powerful his anger would be then... and the roar that might result from it.

And if his friends were to rush to calm him down, to try anything to help him only to fail... what if he hit them with the Roar? What if he destroyed the peaceful Tree of Life and sanctuary/home for so many lost and afraid animals... he'd probably think he was Scar then...

Brandon Mueller • 1 day ago

I think he will be healed at the tree of life with the help of the "elders" / "Lions of the past".

And then to make the connection between the Lion Guard and Lion King 2, Kion does not come back from Kiara's
first hunt, but goes off with the Night Pride.

IanShot R6 • 1 week ago

kaion and fuli make a perfect couple.Some people may even disagree more if you see how their relationship has changed from season 1and 2 to season 3 you see that they like each other

Ana Matic • 1 week ago

So is anyone going to explain how they went from the Sahara to Japan in the span of one episode? Or are those stones actually portals? Yep, that's gotta be it. They're portals.

Brandon Mueller • 1 day ago

Nah, Bamboo grows in Africa - a lot of it. About 1 million hectares of indigenous bamboo, where 67% of Africa's bamboo is in Ethiopia.

Ana Matic • 1 day ago

Red pandas DON'T grow in Africa. Nor does any African people speak Mongolian.

Your boy • 1 week ago

I hope kion and fuli get there own episode together like they get seaprated from the rest of the guard

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago

FIRST !!!!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Brandon Mueller • 1 day ago


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