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Season 3 Episode 3
The Harmattan

The Guard encounters a powerful dust storm!


Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

Steve Blum is awesome as always.

Carlos Martinez • 2 weeks ago

Yeah he plays tank dempsey in COD zombies

Chaos • 2 weeks ago

Have to admire those other leopards for not putting up with Makucha's plan. They aren't necessary evil or greedy like him and unlike other sidekicks of villains, like the hyenas or crocodiles, they know when to cut their loses and say no.

Mercedez Nguyen • 2 weeks ago

wait if the tree of life is so hard to get to how do animals who are hurt and weak and acually need the tree of life, supposed to get there?

Chaos • 2 weeks ago

It isn't hard to get to, you just have to know what you're looking for. The Moja Kwa Moja stones show the way so you follow them, but Makucha doesn't understand.

Sadhbh Corr • 2 weeks ago

How come Season 3 Episode 2 is actually Episode 3. It's so weird.

Michael Taylor • 2 weeks ago

It's not weird for me. When a new cartoon starts (the first season of course) I usually see the 3rd episode as the first day on the job after being hired in the first 2 episodes.

Ana Matic • 1 week ago

Double length premier episodes are often counted as episodes 1 and 2.

Lol • 2 weeks ago

Its episode 1 there two episodes thats why its 50min

Troy Friendly Rouge Lion • 2 weeks ago

Another really great part of The Lion Guard I'm excited to start the next one Season 3 is really good just like season 2 and 1 but the best ones are with Scar even with him gone still the story is great and good at being darker. I love it!!!!!

Ruth Navarathne • 2 weeks ago


me me big boy • 1 week ago

So Makucha's motive is rare food?
*disappointment noise*

me me big boy • 1 week ago

Still a fun character tho

THE Killer • 1 week ago

Kaion and fuli

Ana Matic • 1 week ago

Makucha wants to sample some rare meats again. *bombastic MLP theme* CONTINUITY!

Thanks for making yourself a meme, Silver Quill!

Nico Rozner • 2 weeks ago

OMG Beshte has stubble! Ono looks like he has more feathers on his head, and Bunga looks to have more hair on his back. Fuli, well, umm, ages well? Okay, I really don't know how Fuli is supposed to look different now. Tell me if you know!

SeikoVirg • 1 week ago

Kion's mane is also longer and so is his build.
It seems like by the end of this season they are aiming for post-events of "after kiara's first hunt" of LK2: Simba's Pride, so I hope we get to see a big come together happy ending after this expedition!
Also Fuli is the "least noticeable" but if anything they did redesign her a bit, her proportions are just drawn better and she's a little bigger than kion despite his older age as well.

Joshua Crawford • 2 weeks ago

Fuli seems to have only got larger and maybe a few more spots

Benjamin Yn • 2 weeks ago

The song is missing topi, guinea fowls, elephant shrews, camels, secretary birds, foxes, marabou storks, ground squirrels, anteaters, sloths, capybaras, armadillos, toucans, parrots, octopuses, sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, and some easter eggs from other disney productions Iago from aladdin, Mrs sheep from lambert the sheepish lion, Rufus from Kim Possible, Baloo, bagheera, king louie, Haiti, winifred and haiti jr from the jungle book, thumper from bambi, polly from amphibia, Kuzco(llama form) from the emperor's new groove, flounder from the little mermaid, wart(bird form) from the sword in the stone, and Napoleon from W.i.t.c.h

So interesting

GhostSpiderYT • 2 weeks ago

Where is episode 2 and 8

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