Watch Fuli's New Family

S1 E7: Fuli's New Family

The Guard includes Fuli in their own family time.


Kollin Vang • 11 months ago

Full x kion

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 8 months ago


Taylor Garrett • 11 months ago

I ship them

Lindi • 8 months ago

Me too

ZeTaTheWildest • 1 year ago


Leah • 6 months ago

I heart Fuli

Leah • 6 months ago

Favorite character is Fuli

Kat • 10 months ago

“It’s a good thing I’m immune or this would be a really bad idea.” Seriously Bunga? You figured that out now? Boy.

Caleb Martin • 2 weeks ago

Did you also know that bunga translated means foolishness. He was born foolish, so leave him alone please.