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Season 1 Episode 13
Bunga and the King

Bunga and Simba share a surprising past.


Kion • 1 year ago

im the first comment cool
I Love The Lion guard
my most favorite part in this episode
Bunga nah we should go down this tunnel duh
Simba did you just say duh to me
Bunga no no i didn't i was just singing duh duh duh duh duhaa
Simba you do remember who you're talking to don't you
Bunga I know who you are your Simba your my best friend's dad
Simba i'm also the king Roarrrrrrrr
walls crumble
Bunga no going back now do to someone's cave in
Simba yah but you caused a cave in to back in the hole
Bunga yah oh ok but i was trying to escape it was not becaluse i got all mad
Simba of course i got mad do you have any idea of how annoying it is to be suck with you and your cazy idea's
Bunga crazy idea's crazy idea's your right i am full of crazy idea's and i just had another one how about you go down your tunnel and i go down mine then you won't have to put up with me and my crazy idea's anymore
Simba fine
but i really love the parts with singing Hakuna matata becaluse that is my most favorite disney song

FuliTheCheetah • 4 months ago

I would love to see something like this but with bunga and FULI. Now that would be interesting! Hahaha, all the times fuli has wanted to bite bunga! If THEY were in a sinkhole together, ooh that would be entertaining!

Joshua Crawford • 2 months ago

bunga might end up shredded, or Fuli might put up with him

FuliTheCheetah • 2 months ago

Hahaha! I would like to see how long Bunga lasts. Hahahaha!

Jessica • 10 months ago

what is with this family and cliffs

Ecocat Annabelle • 2 months ago

Good point.

Joshua Crawford • 4 days ago

Just came from season 3, and these younger models are completely throwing me off.

Young fuli • 2 months ago

*simba roars at bunga*
Bunga:" now we can't go back thanks to SOMEONE'S cave in

Amakow Maguet • 1 year ago

this episode is one of my favourite

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