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Return of the Roar

Kion becomes the leader of the new Lion Guard.


Kiara Lioness • 11 months ago

Wow! The Lion Guard is still amazing! I rembember still when I first heard of it coming out with The return of the roar in November 22, 2015 I was Skepical at first I have not watch the lion guard since it had charecters that wern't ever in any of The lion king movies 1 , 2 , 3 charecters like Kion , Bunga , Fuli , Beshte , Ono none of the newer charecters Season 1 and 2 in the lion guard for a long while untill one day I day I decided to give it a chance I wish I never judge just by the looks this should be a lesson to learn never judge anything before trying! It's been a long time I don't remember when I first decided to give The lion guard a chance but when I first watch Return of the roar I said now I got a lot of awesome episodes to watch! cause when I first decided to give The lion guard a chance it was around when The lion guard only had up to season 2 episode number 16 Divide and Conquer. I even love the newer ones coming out now! Guys this is like for me never judge a hyena by it's a spots. I should never judge anything!

Saad Baig • 1 year ago

I really like this show

Troy Lion • 6 months ago

Me too I'll always love The Lion Guard it's a really great series to watch The Lion Guard and I don't care how old I am I'm 17 right now soon to be 18 this febuary 3rd 2019 I'll still always love to watch The Lion King all movies and The Lion Guard it is always the best to me!

Ruth Navarathna • 1 year ago

NOW that was amazing

Saad Baig • 1 year ago

Can't wait for season 3 XD

sarahkate • 1 year ago

I have to say i do not like Kiara in this episode she is such a telltale she tells on Kion what is wrong for him to have his friends on the team.

Kion • 1 year ago

if i was in this i would most likely be Kion becaluse i love lions they are my most favorite animals and he is a good lion i love the good guys in tv shows and movies im a big fan of the lion guard i love anything lion king related

Kiara Lioness • 10 months ago

same for me I feel I'm a girl but still I love Kion it's either between Kion and Fuli they are my most favorites they are awesome to me.

Emily • 1 year ago

Oh yeh same Kion is my favorite and my hero.

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago


Wolfiea Elita • 1 year ago

I really wan't to know the real family tree of Kion and his family.

TLG_Premiere • 1 year ago

Happy Anniversary TLG Return of the Roar turn 2 :)

Chriz Alexander • 1 year ago

I think I would be Bunga the honeybadger

i would be fuli because shes fast and sly

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

No man dont I rather be ono

Fire Rose • 1 year ago

He is a honeybadger.

rebecca roulett • 1 year ago

If i was in this movie,I would be kion.what kind of member do ya'll want to be?

Taylor Garrett • 1 year ago

I would be Fuli

ElisiusTheLion • 4 days ago

Kion because he's Fierce and brave

Arvie Tevin • 1 year ago

So I already have my own oc that I make its have he's own story If you want to know more tell me hlttps://

Naevine Vicks • 4 days ago

"Can you fell the love tonight" (Kion)OH HELL NAH DAD WE TALKED ABOUT THIS ALREADY😏😏😏

ElisiusTheLion • 4 days ago

Can You Feel The Love Tonight..

Jakub Gralec • 1 week ago

when other episodes will come out

KANYANTA MWANSA • 2 weeks ago

Who else is binge watching the series? I'm gonna miss this show!

Blue Shadow • 2 weeks ago

Same so i can by time till the new epsiodes come

Diego Lopez • 2 weeks ago

where are the rest of the episodes like episode 2 and 8 and others?

A random shipper • 3 weeks ago

I Totally ship timon and pumbaa! They are the cutest "parents' ever they act like bunga's dads and that is so cute

Resident evil • 1 month ago

What is name of song in begingen
Are this Land king of pride rock
And begingen evifin the light totch is all kindom have was fun if kiara ask about about the shadow

Dragonet • 2 months ago

can, wait for season 3!:)

Dragonet • 2 months ago

I love the lion guard series, I am 12 right now but I still watch it because I am a huge fan of the lion king,lion king 2 Simba's pride,and the lion guard. I showed it to my cousin who is 2 and she loved it. from what I know she loves princess or any Disney movie that's out there

Dragonet • 2 months ago

I really wish they could make a new show on Kion getting kidnapped by Zera and her family when they find out that scar has returned but then they send out a message to the lion gaurd and Simba that if they don't hand over the pridelands to them they will never see Kion again. But this should be near to one of the last episodes which would be pretty good in my opinion:)

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago

I really DONT know!! Say 5 if you ship kion with jasiri or say 8 if you ship him with fuli!!

so is is kion X jasiri or Kion X Fuli

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago

plS reSpoND PlS

JsiriGirl • 2 months ago

I think Kion and Jsiri.... Fuli is only with Kion because of her Lionguard duties. I think a hyena and lion hybrid would be adorable

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago


Kat • 2 months ago

Fuli. It makes more sense reasonably if they were to have cubs. Fuli is also awesome.

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago

nice oppinions

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago

anyone else?

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago

i really do like jasiri and kion together.... and the look fuli and kion gives to each other OOO THIS IS SOO HARD PLS I NEED MORE OPINIONS!!...

si si ni sawa

also its my thing says sis si ni sawa

Resident evil • 4 months ago

what is the difference between brave and fiercest

Si Si ni Sawa • 2 months ago

Brave is when your not afriade of anything and fierce is aggressiveness.

They just made the 28 episode
Y it not up on here?

watchtlg • 5 months ago

Episode has not been released yet. Follow this countdown for an exact release time:

i already have a clan of 47,589 hyenas but i would still want a guard to protect my territory from lions

i really love the lion guard :3 anyone else agree :) i really like janja

Kat • 5 months ago

Yeah it’s great and Janja is a total savage. Reminds of my class playing tough but their not

he is so funny when he says "oh fraid theres no meat left for you boys"

Seth McDonell • 5 months ago

How is it that funny?

ooooooo i love it and janja wow im happy to meet him

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