Watch The Call of the Drongo

Season 1 Episode 10
The Call of the Drongo

A deceptive drongo bird tricks the Lion Guard.


Thunder • 1 year ago

first comment on this episode on this website cool i love the lion guard i have my own lion i have my own lion king charecter i am Thunder Kovu's brother who is in The lion king 2 Simba's pride and the lion guard season 1 episode 20 lions of the outlands my charecter does not want to be part of the outlands he accually wants to care for the circle of life and the pridelands i love anything lion king realated

benjamin • 1 week ago

Wash more

Liam Evans • 1 week ago

Fuli: But Just So You Know I Don't Growl Like That
Tamaa: I Don't Know How To Roar And Growl

Kion26 • 3 weeks ago

#happynewyear2020 to everyone

Let's hope we get a Lion Guard Season 4 in the upcomming year

Emilio • 2 months ago
KyubbiGirl29 • 3 months ago

Seeing the Impalas run into the gorge gave me chills. It reminded me of TLK when the wildebeasts were stampeding in the gorge with simba in the middle.

Parrot • 1 year ago

I like the promise the bird made in the end. Not immitating voices unless its for good.

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