Watch Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots

Season 1 Episode 1
Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots

Kion learns that not all hyenas are bad.


S1ckBoY • 5 months ago

I think Kion and Fuli will be together but i dont know we will see in future episodes.

Guest • 5 months ago
Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

I guess not

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Yes I agree kion I much better with fuli rani is just not right lion or not fuli is best

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Same I also put kion and fuli together

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Fuli and kion almost together and then it turns out disney is just messing with my emotions

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

What happen to kion and fuli. Is kion really dating a girl he's only known for few episodes

Kion • 1 year ago

Kion shoud end up with who
Is Bunga

Liam Evans • 3 days ago

Janja: Don't Know Why You're in The Outlands Helping A Hyena Kion
Kion: I Care Because This is A Kid Show And One Of These Days One Of The Parents Of One Of The Kids Watching The Show is Gonna File A Lawsuit Against Me For Something That You Did

Kion26 • 2 months ago

Did anyone ever notice that Kion doesn't have the mark of the guard at 16:02

Kion_cub • 2 months ago

And the "wooha" sound Kion makes at (hope that link works - 16:30). I guess this scene got changed multiple times throughout production.

Jon10kul • 2 months ago

oh i did not see that

WentHulk • 4 months ago

Males do tend to be a bit less cautious than females.

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Is the lion guard canon

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Let's just hope there's gonna be a season 4

Mountain_Lion • 2 months ago

I'm just as hyped and hope there is a 4th season coming. The last few episodes wrapped the whole story up way to fast.

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Does anyone think that Disney will make a season 4

Kion • 4 months ago

Just starting this series, kinda excited even tho it’s a kids show

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

I don't know if the last episodes are the wrong way round or their meant to be like that

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

It's the final countdown

Alex Dowie • 4 months ago

Lion guard defend

Little squid • 5 months ago

I am 16 and my friends dont understand that i still watch cartoons but i like to watch the lion guard and also the lion king. It is achilly my favourate disney movie and searis. Sorry if my spelling is bad because i am not that good at spelling even though i have just left high school over a month ago and starting collage soon

Blue Shadow • 5 months ago

Mortal of the story a song can magically cure kions leg

Loreion Jaxter • 6 months ago

I’m 14 what am I doing with my life

Resident evil • 7 months ago

I have one questen why de in the pride land say only kion but not prince kion tell me whay

Jason See • 5 months ago

IKR like WTF and they call Kiara the princess... BRUH
thats not fair

Resident evil • 5 months ago

But kion is prince but if rafiki have presentasjon of kion??
But we dont have see That

Frox • 4 months ago

maybe bacouse Kiara was born before Kion and she's the next ruler but idk

Resident evil • 7 months ago

I am being bullied because I like it that show

Resident evil • 7 months ago

It is strange to like the lion guard when I am 16 years old

Nailson • 7 months ago

You know that I am 17 and in 2 weaks will be 18 but that doesn't mean I should not do what I like( even if my friend cannot understand me and the whole cartoon stuff )

Jason See • 5 months ago

I'm 17 mannnn age doesn't matter bro.. As long as you are doing the things you love! Don't care about how they will look up to you

Resident evil • 5 months ago

Can we be friends pliz

The movie Ryder • 9 months ago

To Jesse Payne don't think that way about yourself I'm fourteen years old and about two months and I watch all sorts of little kids shows besides this show by season two it is a little dark for six year olds

Hei Ho • 9 months ago

What happens whit mark to kion? 15:57

Kat • 9 months ago

I think it isn’t on that shoulder. Or it’s just a glitch

Jesse Payne • 9 months ago

Is it wrong for me to like a show that's not really meant for my age? I am a teenager.

Hei Ho • 9 months ago

No i am teenager to and if you like the show so se the show 🦁

lead • 9 months ago

Hello everyone! We would like to tell you that we are so happy that you are watching and supporting our show, but please try not to post comments about so and so likes so and so.Thank you!

hehe kion im jasiris bff but we can be *smiles* i might be a hyena but im a good one and fight janjas clan and defend jasiri so do you?

oofus i dont rlly know

Sophia • 1 year ago

The Jaguar looks too flat, I wish she was drawn better. Also, hyenas are the size of a cub now? Lol

Are you talking about Fuli the Cheetah? I have seen people complain about Fuli's spot pattern being more like a leopard's than a cheetah (especially a king cheetah) which is understandable which I wished they made her look more cheetah looking. But Jaguar is um well Jaguar's are native to South America and some parts of Mexico. Not Africa. Plus if she was a Jaguar she would be one very unhealthy one since jaguars are the bulkiest big cats. Also, Jasiri is the same age as Kion so her size makes sense but it is weird that Janja's clan is tiny which either means he is a young small teenager or they are hyenas with Dwarfism. More likely though they made a lot of characters smaller for budget purposes.

FuliTheCheetah • 7 months ago

They probably made Fuli a cheetah because cheetahs are really skinny so they figured she'd look more feminine. I wonder when they'll introduce another cheetah character.

Genevieve Isabelle Galloway • 7 months ago

That could be the case but it is more likely the fact that more people know what a cheetah is. If you asked an average person on what cats are in Africa they'll say Lions and Cheetahs (maybe a leopard). Most people know that Cheetahs are fast and well that's really it. Plus, you can easily what a cheetah looks like and there is no way you can mistake it for any other cat species. Most people don't know much about Leopards to the point that if you show a picture of a leopard to someone there is a high chance they'll think it is a Jaguar and vise versa. It is a petty pet peeve of mine when people mistake a Leopard to a Jaguar. It's like how I get really annoyed if people mistake an Alaskan Malamute for a Siberian Husky.

FuliTheCheetah • 7 months ago

Well maybe it's a combination of the two. But if lions and cheetahs are both cats, why does kion not hate Water and Fuli does?

Marjorie Brown Anfelouss • 1 year ago


Kat • 1 year ago

You don’t need to download it it works after a few hours

Alena Ashton Gonzales II • 1 year ago

How can i download the video?

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