Watch Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots

Season 1 Episode 1
Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots

Kion learns that not all hyenas are bad.


hehe kion im jasiris bff but we can be *smiles* i might be a hyena but im a good one and fight janjas clan and defend jasiri so do you?

oofus i dont rlly know

Kion • 2 months ago

Kion shoud end up with who
Is Bunga https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Sophia • 5 months ago

The Jaguar looks too flat, I wish she was drawn better. Also, hyenas are the size of a cub now? Lol

Genevieve Isabelle Galloway • 5 months ago

Are you talking about Fuli the Cheetah? I have seen people complain about Fuli's spot pattern being more like a leopard's than a cheetah (especially a king cheetah) which is understandable which I wished they made her look more cheetah looking. But Jaguar is um well Jaguar's are native to South America and some parts of Mexico. Not Africa. Plus if she was a Jaguar she would be one very unhealthy one since jaguars are the bulkiest big cats. Also, Jasiri is the same age as Kion so her size makes sense but it is weird that Janja's clan is tiny which either means he is a young small teenager or they are hyenas with Dwarfism. More likely though they made a lot of characters smaller for budget purposes.

Marjorie Brown Anfelouss • 7 months ago


Gay Space Rocks • 9 months ago

Sisi ni sawa is gay.

Kat • 9 months ago

You don’t need to download it it works after a few hours

Alena Ashton Gonzales II • 9 months ago

How can i download the video?

Kat • 11 months ago

Actually I think Cheezi is smarter then Chungu despite the fact he looks and sometimes acts like silly Ed

Kat • 11 months ago

Yeah but if he had been watching Kion and Jasiri then he would have known that Kion left.

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 11 months ago

janjas clan really reminds me of shenzi bonzai and ed. I mean theres three of them. Janja is shenzi. hes the smartest and the leader of their little group. chungu is bonzai. second smartest, and always hungry. Cheezi is Ed. hes straight up stupid, has his toungue out all the time and just follows what they do all the time.

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 11 months ago

kion and jasiri

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 11 months ago

Why dont they just do it already?!

Genevieve Isabelle Galloway • 5 months ago

They are children, chill out.

Underbeats 260 • 11 months ago

ah c'mon! seriously?

Kion • 12 months ago

a nice Hyena these lion guard episodes are awesome i like the charecter Jasiri i love the good guys

renaud hobden • 11 months ago

I love Jasiri, she should or could be Kion's girlfriend.

Kat • 1 year ago

I feel Janja was watching Kion and Jasiri sing Sisi ni Sawa and got jealous

Ocarina Of Time is amazing • 11 months ago


renaud hobden • 11 months ago

I seriously doubt about it. Janja look very suprise when Kion attack him. Maybe he track her smell by sent (smelling).

Eevee • 1 year ago

I love the lion gard, but i would of preferred if it was 5 big cats in stead

.*+Abigale+*. • 11 months ago

Well Fuli is a big cat, shes a cheetah, cheetahs are kind of big cats

pyroman23 • 7 months ago

Eevee probably meant Pantheras (Roaring cats) by saying "Big Cats", witch are the cats that actually can "Roar" (Lion, leopard, jaguar and Tiger) and this not include cheetah which actually "squeak"

Thunder • 1 year ago

i aways been a big lion king fan to me the lion guard is quite funny

Marjorie Brown Anfelouss • 7 months ago

(Jasiri x Kion )

Kion • 1 month ago


renaud hobden • 11 months ago

Kion shoud end up with who?


My personnal idear is: Kion x Jasiri (My number one) or Kion x Fuli (My personnal number 2). My number 3 is Kion x Rani (sometime is my

number 2), number 4 is Kion x Kijana, my number 5 is Kion x Zuri, my number 6 is Kion x Madoa, my number 7 is Kion x Vitani and my least

fave is Kion x Tiifu.

I don't real like Tiifu (She's pretty much to naive and stupid). I prefer a sister Zuri than her sister.

Kion • 2 months ago
FearKiller956 • 9 months ago

I say Jasiri, though I don't mind Kijana but she's too young

thomas major • 10 months ago

i say jasiri because ya gotta admit shes kinda bangin

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