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Season 1 Episode 4
Can't Wait to be Queen

Simba leaves Kiara in charge for a few days.


Thunder • 1 year ago

lol i love the lion guard my most favorite part in this episode is when kion plans to move the bees what could go worng there ahhhhhhhhh

Kion • 1 year ago

hey Thunder LOL i love that part too

disqus_I4eN2mTfKj • 3 months ago

disqus_csi7s71D1s important

Troy Lion • 2 months ago

Lol yeah that part was great XD Yeah what could possiblly go worng totally LOL.

Connor McMillen • 8 months ago

i like Kiara fight with kion like cats and dogs

Gillian Drown • 1 year ago

i hope they have a future episode with kiara and kovu

Gillian Drown • 1 year ago

i love the part where simba roars in zazu's face

.*+Abigale+*. • 1 year ago

Oh my gosh Zazau's voice is SO ANNOYING

ecocat annabelle • 1 year ago

Holy mackerels, she's A CUB.That's like leaving your 9-year old in charge of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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